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Nightmare Fuel / Code Prime

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As is the case will all pages detailing Nightmare Fuel, Spoilers Off.

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    R1: Rebellion 
  • A combined unit of a dozen Black Knights and JLF Burais led by Inoue find Megatron and decide to charge right in to kill him, but then the leader of the Decepticons starts butchering them, taking them all out in less than a minute with only Inoue left. There's a reason why Megatron has been around since the war started.
  • Chapter 16 ends with several scientists working for Code R, one of them being Shirley's father, trying to leave Narita... only to crash into Soundwave. As they are frozen with terror, the silent Decepticon regards them for a moment before opening a space bridge to Cybertron, allowing a Decepticon just as feared as Megatron and Soundwave to come to Earth: Shockwave.
  • Chapter 17 has Megatron learning of Geass from Shockwave, who begins looking more into it through the Code R scientists that are held, prisoner. One can only imagine what will happen with Megatron becoming interested in Geass...
  • Airachnid is somehow even worse than in Prime, as she butchers dozens of Japanese civilians in Shinjuku, because she was bored. The photos of the remains cause even Cornelia to gag in shock.
  • After failing yet again to capture and deliver C.C. (a piece of her, anyway) to the Decepticons, Mao is now to be subjected to Shockwave's horrifying experimentation in her place.
  • Chapter 25 "Stronger, Faster, Deadlier!" presents the greatest threat we hope never come to pass: Dark Energon! And you know who's coming next....
    • The introduction of Dark Energon as well in the chapter. What was supposed to be a simple answer to a distress signal in a mine for Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker and Airachnid turns into a horror show when dozens of broken Knightmares and machinery, affected by the Dark Energon, rise up like zombies and begin attacking the Decepticons relentlessly. Even the Vehicon troopers with them are killed and turned into Terrorcons. The experience is so horrifying for the Decepticons, that even AIRACHNID is completely scared out of her mind.
    • Later on, when Megatron and Soundwave inspect the cave themselves, they see that all the Terrorcons and broken machinery have merged into a giant metallic monster the size of a Combiner.
  • Chapter 28 "Island of Gods and Monsters" gives us a surprising amount for an exposition-heavy chapter:
    • We learn in lovely detail of how many times V.V. diednote  while Shockwave used a Cortical Psychic Patch on the immortal.
    • The Insecticons are introduced as Energon-starved psychos that are just as capable of throwing down with Optimus Prime and Dreadwing simultaneously.
    • The Insecticons' first appearance in the chapter is in the shadows, sneaking up on a deer. The next moment, blood scatters across the ground. The next scene has Euphemia looking for food when she finds the deer's severed head lying on the ground nearby, which scares her.
    • After deducing that Suzaku was likely Geassed by Lelouch to directly disobey Starscream's orders, Megatron decides to subject Suzaku to a reading with the Cortical Psychic Patch. Considering what was seen earlier with V.V., even if the process was "perfected" for organic subjects, Suzaku's situation in the upcoming chapter is not looking painless.
    • Don't forget the part where Euphemia finally learns about Megatron's true colors. While we already know the gist of his crimes, it doesn't underscore the feeling of utter dread when the princess now realizes that she has been right beside a monster this whole time.
  • Chapter 31 "School Festival Declaration": Thanks to the combination of Shockwave's Geass experimentations, along with a shard of Dark Energon... Megatron is now the first Cybertronian to gain a new power in TWO WORDS. DARK. GEASS. What's worse is that his Dark Geass of 'Absolute Terror' can not only affect Cybertronians but also Code Bearers too (which allow victims to be inflicted night-terrors so horrible humans get heart attacks and die, while a Cybertronian's spark overloads from the Dark Energon aspect of this power before extinguishing itself)!
    • Oh, and on the subject of Shockwave's experiments? One of them involved dismembering Mao, who's now reduced to a severed head attached a bare nervous system. And it's implied that he's still alive.
    • Another of Shockwave's experiments is Jeremiah being outfitted with cybernetic implants and given an artificial Geass. He was tough enough in canon as a cyborg with regular implants, but this time around? It is scary and awesome at the same time.
    • When Megatron learns of Euphie's Special Administrative Zone of Japan, he bursts into maniacal laughter, declaring his intention to use it to his advantage. Primus knows what that will entail...
  • Chapter 32 unveils what could one of Megatron's most evil, if not THE most evil act he has ever done; engineering the massacre on the Japanese people at the Special Administrative Zone. Do recall that in the canon, that massacre was just a horrible accident, but this was intentional.
    • Megatron uses a Pretender impersonating Princess Euphemia and have it kill every Japanese on sight. Imagine the onlookers' reaction when this happens; they were finally given a new lease in life and then all of a sudden, the princess who helped start all this starts slaughtering them, their family, and their friends.
    • And the Cons aren't only doing this for kicks, they did it so that they can paint Britannia in an even worse light, ruining their reputation and have the opportunity to wipe them out. Word of God confirms that Megatron doesn't care about himself and his Decepticons being seen as heroes; he wants the entire world to know how easily the Decepticons can crush them if you so much as look at them funny.
      • What's actually scary is that the vast majority of the Britannians stationed there callously join in on the slaughter after being given "orders" by their Emperor (Soundwave in disguise). Megatron proves to the entire world that beneath all their high status and civil nature, Britannia is just as evil as the Decepticons themselves.
    • There's also poor Euphemia who is Forced to Watch her doppelgänger frame her for the terrible crime. Her home, her reputation, her family are about to be destroyed!
    • Also worth mentioning is the Decepticon who kidnaps Euphemia and holds her captive. It's AIRACHNID. Airachnid told Cornelia in Chapter 22 that she would "take care" of Euphie if given the chance and she is yet to be rescued by the end of the chapter...
  • In Chapter 33 we learn that Skyquake was poisoned by Dark Energon so badly that Ratchet had to Mercy Kill him.
    • Dreadwing lets the Autobots implant a bomb in his head in order to assure them that he's really on their side. Even those Bots and BKs who don't trust him are disturbed by the idea.
    • Cornelia becomes Airachnid's latest prisoner after Megatron effortlessly destroys her Knightmare in battle, and Megatron promises Airachnid that she can do whatever she wants to Cornelia and Euphie once the Decepticons' work is done.
      • Likewise, Hardshell and the Insecticons capture Milly, Rivalz, and Nina when they try to leave Ashford Academy, no doubt on Megatron's instructions in order to get more leverage against the Autobots and Black Knights, especially Lelouch and Suzaku.
    • Just the pure level of savagery Megatron's plans entail - he wants to start a no-doubt bloody revolution in Japan as a distraction from his real goal of conquering Britannia, however much slaughter that requires, to cement himself as the absolute ruler of Earth.
  • Chapter 34, "Fall of Britannia", shows off just how savage the Decepticons can be.
    • It takes less than an hour for Pendragon to fall.
    • The Decepticons manage to outclass the Britannians in pure savagery - they go out of their way to force the Britannian Royal Family to watch their home get totally demolished.
    • At one point in the battle, an Insecticon kills a Britannian pilot by eating him.
    • Charles' fate. Megatron effortlessly defeats him in battle, demeans him as a weak little boy, subjects him to his Geass, and causes him to hallucinate his children abandoning him, destroys his dream of Ragnorak, and finally, reveals V.V's treachery to him, before incinerating him with his cannon.
    • In a Call-Back to Clovis' funeral, once Charles is dead, the Decepticons declare "All Hail Megatron!". This time, though, it's over the burning ruins of Pendragon, emphasizing the might of the Decepticons.
  • In Chapter 35, Megatron unleashes the full power of his Dark Geass on C.C. and Lelouch. She is so overwhelmed that she actually dies, being saved only by her immortality, which is bad enough. But then we find out that Lelouch's nightmare is specifically designed to kill him as slowly as possible, which it's still doing as the chapter ends.
    • C.C. and Lelouch's nightmares in general. C.C. finds herself tied to a stake as she's burned and shot while swords rain down on her, before being sealed in Clovis's containment sphere. Lelouch's nightmare has him seeing his friends and loved ones tied to crosses before burning to ash, the severed heads of the Autobots, and Nunnally bursting to flames in his arms.
    • Megatron also uses his Dark Geass on Optimus, haunting the Autobot leader with the voices of millions of dead Cybertronians and humans while surrounded by rusting bodies on Cybertron. Thankfully, Optimus's willpower, and encouraging words from Alpha Trion, allow him to break free.
    • V.V. happily muses to himself how he'll ask Megatron to let him torture C.C. once she's captured.
  • In Chapter 36, when C.C. is trying to snap Lelouch out of the effects of Megatron’s Dark Geass, she’s repelled by what she describes as a horned face made out of stone. Any doubts that Unicron is connected to the origin of Geass have been officially laid to rest.
    • It's further confirmed when C.C. makes a contract with Optimus and meets Prima, Alpha Trion, Micronus Prime, and Solus Prime in the Realm of Primes. The four Primes believe that Geass originated from the Chaos Bringer.

    R2: Revolution 
  • Chapter 1:
    • The Decepticons' takeover of the Britannian is scary and awesome, as they all show no mercy to their enemies and take them down in a matter of minutes. In a span of several weeks, all the forces (save the Glinda Knights) are wiped out, and the Decepticons now rule.
    • The Geass Order falls under Shockwave's command, with the intent of using their experiments to further the Decepticon cause. On top of that, one of the newest recruits to the order is Doctor Arkeville. Bartley and the Order scientists don't bother hiding their fear.
    • For trying to organize a rebellion among the Fuji Mine slaves, Thunderhoof has the Black King, Mrs. Ashford, and Mrs. Stadtfeld dropped alive in a vat of molten metal, which he broadcasts to the entire mine.
    • Just the treatment of the Decepticons' human slaves in general. While the Decepticons do take considerations to make sure the slaves aren't worked to death, they're still forced to work grueling labor with minimal breaks and are always at the mercy of their Vehicon overseers. The narration even reveals that children are among the forced laborers.
    • Related to the above, it's noted that Japan has suffered perhaps the worst of the former Areas, with the whole country looking like a giant ghetto.
  • Chapter 2:
    • The Decepticons forcing Gino, Anya, Castor, and Pollux to fight for them by implanting explosives in their new Knightmares, threatening to detonate them if they don't obey.
    • Marianne hates Optimus with a passion, maybe even more than Megatron, blaming him for losing Charles and stealing her children away.
  • Chapter 3:
    • Wizard finds Dark Energon in the mines when they're rescuing the slaves from the mine, meaning that more's popping up...
    • Shockwave has been up to more diabolical experiments with the Geass Order, including something called "The Dark Queen"...
      • When Shockwave reports the progress in the Geass Order to Megatron, he mentions having "disposed" of all unnecessary Geass specimens. One can only assume that they were all killed. Keep in mind the Geass Order had many agents, a lot of them may have had Geass that weren't deemed useful to the Decepticons, and a number of them were children.
  • Chapter 4:
    • We see everyone's horrified reactions to the Dark Energon-infused Burai during an experiment. Even Cera, Lloyd, and Rakshata were shocked!
    • The Headmaster units are piloted by Geass Order children.
    • The "Dark Pawns" are robotic hybrid clones of the greatest Knights/soldiers of Britannia's history, powered by Dark Energon.
    • The "Refrain" unit turns out to be what's left of Mao, who can still use his Geass, and is a lot more effective now that he's Megatron's puppet.
    • We see the "Dark Queen"... and it turns out to be made from Marianne's preserved corpse, which, thanks to the cybernetic enhancements and the Dark Energon flowing through it, has all of her skills, but under Megatron's complete control.
    • Soundwave discovers the signal that the Autobots used to piggyback their message onto Megatron's and used it to find the Ark.
  • Chapter 5:
    • If the Ark didn't have the shield generator the first shot from the Nemesis would have destroyed it.
    • Although getting the Ark airborne again was an Awesome moment, devastating the enemy forces, it's made clear that it was a risky plan and they could all have been killed if it had failed.


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