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  • Better Than Canon: Virtually all reviews for this story indicate that they prefer this story's version of the SAZ Massacre over its canon counterpart, for various reasons: better foreshadowing, sparing Euphie, and the massacre being planned instead of a Diabolus ex Machina.
  • Catharsis Factor:
    • While in the canon series Britannia endures a fair amount of humiliation and defeats, seeing them utterly outmatched by the Autobots and outperformed by the Decepticons brings a whole other level of satisfaction.
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    • After several chapters of seeing Airachnid's depraved sadism and constant backstabbing (ironically of her own "side"), it's quite gratifying to watch a fed-up Megatron give her a brutal beating and force her to fall in line.
    • After seeing him put Lelouch, C.C., Shirley, and Suzaku through the wringer, Mao's final fate of being Shockwave's latest lab rat is incredibly satisfying.
    • After all the massive shit he's done in canon, Megatron both BLASTING V.V. and having him subjected to Shockwave's experiments, not to mention his Freak Out when Optimus destroys the Kamine Island Thought Elevator, is as satisfying as it is horrifying.
    • After what Charles did to his own children and attempted to do to all of humanity in canon, it is satisfying to see his despair at seeing all he has worked for go down in flames, as well as his final humiliation via Dark Geass before being killed by Megatron. Seeing the rest of the royal family watch their home be obliterated, their empire ripped out from under them, and reduced to being captives at the mercies of the Decepticons is pretty sweet.
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    • Optimus breaking free of Megatron's Dark Geass was awesome. Repeatedly punching out the shocked Megatron? Satisfying.
    • Although Airachnid survives the massive Energon explosion that results from Dreadwing's Heroic Sacrifice, seeing the state she ends up in with her right arms and the right side of her face blown off, brings a level of satisfaction for everything she's done so far.
    • Although chilling, the Decepticons' brutal and swift conquest of Britannia brings some real satisfaction when one remembers all the atrocities the empire had committed.
    • Rai, Bulkhead, and Nonette repeatedly killing V.V. in Spark of Darkness. This is also notably catharsis in-universe too, as it helps Rai after everything V.V. did to him.
    • Lelouch finally get a major victory over Megatron and sinking the Nemesis at the end of Battle for the Ark is extremely satisfying, after all the things Megatron had done to Lelouch up to that point.
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  • Critical Research Failure: The author initially claims Rai is a non-canon character from Lost Colors. Thing is, Rai is indeed canon, albeit a Canon Immigrant thanks to Code Geass: Oz the Reflection.
  • Friendly Fandoms: With Code Geass: Paladins of Voltron - the authors frequently offer praise for each other's works, and Iron117Prime helped commission the cover art for Paladins of Voltron.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Airachnid already showed her true nature after what she did to Arcee, but Chapter 19 certainly tops it when she slaughtered dozens of Japanese civilians just out of boredom.
    • No one feels a shred of pity towards Mao when he receives a Fate Worse than Death after he nearly had Nunnally killed and expressed his intention to making C.C., Cornelia and Euphemia as his sex slaves.
    • Megatron crosses this when he engineers the SAZ massacre to prevent peace between the Autobots, Black Knights, and Britannia. The fact he uses a Pretender version of Euphie to do so just twists the knife even further.
      • He later finds new lows to sink to when he uses Marianne's own preserved corpse as a battery for the Dark Queen. Lelouch completely breaks down over this, Optimus is absolutely livid, and Marianne herself is completely horrified.
    • The SAZ massacre also counts as one for Dorothea Ernst, Luciano Bradley, and Bismarck Waldstein, as the former two take part in it without any hesitation or remorse, while the latter not only gives the order for the Britannians to participate in the slaughter but ignores the carnage in order to fight Optimus.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: The author has said in several of his notes that he intends to improve on characters who were not well received by fans in Code Geass, such as Villetta, Suzaku, and Nina. As for the results:
    • Suzaku has been somewhat better received, both because there are more characters around in this story who call him out on how hypocritical he is and because he makes a Heel–Face Turn in Chapter 32, which the Autobots and Black Knights accept, though with shades of Forgiven, but Not Forgotten in play.
    • Viletta has yet to regain her memories, but her conscious decision as Chigusa to join the Black Knights as a way of making up for her crimes as a Pureblood are a step in the right direction, and warmly received by fans.
    • Shirley managing to talk down Nina did a lot to help both characters, with Nina further redeeming herself by being the one to suggest a method for how to contact additional Autobots to help in the upcoming war for Earth.
  • Rooting for the Empire:
    • Despite the Britannian Empire being A Lighter Shade of Black, many rather enjoy how often the Decepticons humiliate them or call them out on their hypocrisy and valuing social elitism and pedigree over actual merit. In fact, when the Decepticons wipe Britannia off the face of the earth, Laila is the only one who sheds a tear.
    • While Megatron is a sick piece of slag, no one actually minds when he brutally chews out Suzaku, deconstructing his entire character and lastly, blackmails him into compliance. Many fans including the writer actually enjoyed seeing Suzaku squirm.
    • As with Suzaku in Chapter 29, no one complained at Megatron completely dismantling Charles's hypocrisy and childish ideals in Chapter 34.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: A big part of the reason that no one really objects to Suzaku having his ideals, methods, and actions deconstructed by Megatron in Chapter 29 is that he's still firmly in his R1 characterization, where he had an epic case of Never My Fault and Honor Before Reason.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: The Glaston Knights have even less time here than they did in the original series, being totally wiped out after only two battles. At least some fans have expressed annoyance that they died without any character development at all. Special mention goes to Claudio, who was the Sole Survivor in canon, yet here is one of the first to die.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • A lot of readers felt that Mao should've met and allied with Airachnid, as both characters enjoy psychologically tormenting their victims and have very similar personalities.
    • While Chapter 32 has been generally well-received, there are some who feel that having Suzaku defect from the Decepticons along with Dreadwing rendered the scene in Chapter 29 where Megatron blackmails Suzaku into compliance, and by extension the entire subplot of him corrupting Suzaku into a "human Decepticon", completely pointless.
    • Readers who were wondering how the Ragnarök Connection may be connected to Unicron were disappointed with how Chapter 34 ended, namely Pendragon being destroyed along with its Thought Elevator and Charles Killed Off for Real by Megatron, completely discarding Charles's plan in the process.
  • Unexpected Character: No one expected Megatron to use a Pretender to initiate the SAZ massacre, in part because they were never featured in the Aligned continuity.
    • Many fans were surprised at R2 bringing in Sky-Byte and T-AI, as well as Doctor Arkeville.
    • Colonel Madd's debut in the first chapter of R2 was surprising, as the author originally had no intention of using characters from Nightmare of Nunnally.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: While the author does acknowledge valid points both in favor and against Suzaku, him calling out Suzaku on not taking responsibility for killing his father rings somewhat hollow due to Suzaku being a child at the time, and it's clear he was extremely stressed out by the actions Genbu was going to undertake to resist Britannia. Additionally, it was a spur-of-the-moment decision, as opposed to all the other faults he's called out on in the story, which are deliberate ignorance of the very real atrocities that he is complicit in. The sheer amount he gets dumped on can also wear thin on those who aren't so giddy about seeing his early character get knocked down. It takes until chapter 33 for people to finally start trying to build him back up and help him be better instead of just insulting him.
  • What an Idiot!: Euphemia choosing to announce the SAZ is this, as she makes it clear that not only will she use it to give Elevens equality and allow them to be called Japanese again, she also publicly announces that she wants to use the SAZ to form an alliance between the Autobots, Black Knights, and Britannia against the Decepticons. Not only does this put her into direct conflict with the rest of her family, up to and including the Emperor himself, she knows by now that Megatron would not hesitate to slaughter others in droves just to make a point. This proves to be horrifically true in the next chapter when the Decepticons kidnap Euphie, replace her with a Pretender based off of Makeshift, and use the Pretender to initiate the SAZ Massacre in order to paint Britannia in an even worse light than they already are.


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