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Nightmare Fuel / Remnant's Reclaimer

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Remnant's Reclaimer is a Darker and Edgier take on RWBY, which already has plenty of nightmare fuel.

  • Seeing how much the war has changed Future!Ruby/Rose. She goes from a cheerful little girl with dreams of changing the world for the better to a terrifying force of nature who has killed and is planning to kill again.
    • The sheer joy she takes in killing Cinder. She even stops to gloat. The idea of killing Cinder again actually brings a smile to her face.
    • One scene has Future!Ruby/Rose calmly cleaning her weapon when Weiss, Blake, and Yang walk in to find her humming as she washes Cinder and Roman's blood off of Crescent Rose. It takes her several minutes, during which Weiss throws up, to realize that she is casually swirling her hand through another persons blood. Even then she doesn't seem bothered by that.
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    • When confronted by the fact that she has killed other human beings, Yang asks exactly how many people Rose has killed. Her response is to shrug and say she lost count years ago. The thought of her little sister killing her way through a war zone makes Yang throw up, too.
    • At one point, she buys a bladed glove, which she then combines with her Semblance to create a weapon that allows her to casually put her hand into a Mook's chest and crushes his heart. She then takes out three different White Fang members in the same way in as many seconds, barely showing remorse.
    • In order to kill a Drake, she forces an explosive crystal into a White Fang Mook, then feeds the poor guy to the drake while he is still alive.
  • Cinder's plan to take over is both terrifying and highly effective. The only reason she lost is because of Future!Ruby/Rose.
    • First, she has Mercury and Emerald poison the Beacon graduation feast, which kills half the Huntsmen and Huntresses in attendance.
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    • Second, she unleashes Grimm on unsuspecting villages and towns to both weaken and discredit the remaining Huntsmen while recruiting defectors, crippling the organization. By this time, the only active team left is Team RWBY.
    • She incites open rebellion using the weakness she caused to declare herself the new protector and Queen of Vale, but she does so in such a way that the other three kingdoms are legally unable to act against her.
    • When the tide turns against her, she begins a scorched earth policy and unleashes even more Grimm on the populace. By the time she and Ruby face off for the final time, the entire kingdom has been reduced to a wasteland.
  • Thousand Homes. An area over a vast Dust Mine that has been attempted to be settled thousands of times. It is described as a cursed area with the ground soaked in the blood of hundreds of thousands. It is home to the most dangerous type of Grimm, the Drakes, which are described as bigger than Death Stalkers at birth and spit acid.
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  • Izhar the Ravager, the eldest living drake. Thousands of years old and one of the few Grimm to be scary enough to get a name. It's wings are so dark the literally leach the light from the sky. It spends most of its fight against Rose, Qrow, Taiyang and Glynda simply playing with them, laughing at any attempts to fight it. When it does decide to fight, he fights with a better tactical ability than the Huntsman. When it does decide to spit acid, it comes out in a massive torrent that simply dissolved everything it touches.
  • Weiss's father is revealed to be a man whose cruelty is second only to Cinder's. Reports show that his Faunus workers are little more than slaves and are treated worse than animals. Repeatedly beaten, murdered, tortured, raped and experimented on, they have been stripped of all humanity and are little more than shells. Weiss' father, in order to keep his opinion justified, had dozens of "legitimate" tests and studies to prove himself right and indoctrinated Weiss to his way of thinking.
  • Overlaps with Tearjerker, but when it really hits Rose that her versions of her teammates are all permanently erased she really lays out how horrible it is to be forced into a whole new timeline. Even though she has a second chance to make things right, her old friends are completely gone, and the young Team RWBY is constantly horrified at the things that she thinks are normal. She's an alien in her own life and it breaks her.

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