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Nightmare Fuel / Sanguine Kindness

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Unmarked spoilers ahead.

  • The horrific deaths. This fic does not spare any punches in describing how some of the ponies meet their grisly ends, sometimes with included art depicting them.
    • Roseluck's the first to be killed, having her throat torn out by the vampire Fluttershy before her body is hung up in a tree, left to be found by the CMC in the morning.
    • Pokey Pierce is cornered in an alleyway by Fluttershy before being bitten into several times, having his throat completely torn out, two of his hooves eaten off completely and his stomach sliced open, leaving some of his entrails spilling out. It seems more like a zombie attack than a vampire one.
    • The mine massacre. An entire group of foals and fillies enter the mines and only one gets away from being killed with no mercy: Rumble gets ambushed while taking a leak, having his wings torn off and his throat ripped apart. Twist gets tossed onto a stalagmite and impaled through the chest. Silver Spoon is decapitated mid-sentence. Tender Taps also gets his throat bitten out, before Fluttershy rips open his chest and feasts on his organs. Judging by the state of their bodies when Applejack finds them as zombies, Diamond Tiara also had her chest torn open and Tender Tap's nose was eaten too.
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    • Rarity gets put under mind control by Fluttershy before getting bitten on the mouth while having sex with her. When she rises in the hospital as a vampire after being declared dead, she immediately rips into Nurse Redheart's throat, leaving her to slowly bleed out as she massacres the hospital's staff and patients.
    • Pinkie Pie has her head snapped around the other side by vampire Rarity, shortly after giving a speech to her. Shortly thereafter, Zecora shows up and puts an end to Rarity with a stake to the heart, causing her flesh to melt and her skeleton to turn to ash.
    • The final battle at the castle is not without it's casualities: First one to go is Zecora, who is impaled multiple times after falling onto a spiked fence. Then Rainbow Dash has her wings torn off and is stabbed by spears made from her own pool of blood. Applejack is pounded into the ground before being turned into nothing but a broken pile of mush and Twilight uses a ceiling spike to impale both her and Nosferatu as he's feeding on her, killing them both.