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Nightmare Fuel / Scar Tissue

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  • Shinji and Asuka's nightmares are horrible. Completely, utterly, mind-shatteringly horrible.
    • Shinji's ones use to be about Asuka's death (he relives it over and over again, often switching different points of view), people dying in Third Impact, and the torture Asuka put him through for eight months after the end of the world.
    • Asuka's ones use to be about her Mind Rape, her death, her attempted suicide, the torture she put Shinji through for eight months... after their Heel Realization often her nightmares combine, and she sees herself decimating the MP-Evas and when she is over she sees Shinji's face on them.
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  • Unit 02 awakening, hunting the MP-Evas and eating them. Yuck. And then eating Lilith. Yuck.
  • Shinji hated himself to the extreme he developed a split personality was the the embodiment of his self-hatred. "The monster" -as Shinji calls it- tortures him nearly every time he closes his eyes.
  • Shinji is going through one of his worst nightmares, reliving Asuka's death... again. He is enduring the torture, but when he heards Asuka whispering his name for last time right before dying, he loses it completely.
  • When they were still alone in the planet Asuka left for a while. She kept a gun with her at all times and often considered to use it with her.
  • The Russian and his black, animalistic Evangelion. The guy is so dangerous that even pre-Third Impact SEELE with its infinite resources had a hard time taking him down (the story mentioning that it cost millions of dollars and four hundred lives just for the cover-up of the time his Evangelion went berserk), and his attitude makes Mari's bloodlust seem positively tame. Whatever the hell his Evangelion is, its AT Field is unlike anything NERV has seen before, neither Evangelion nor Angel, and it is apparently not a clone of Adam, but (if the Russian is to be believed) something way superior. And he's thirteen years old.
  • The horrible message Unit-02 gives to NERV.
    • Oh, and in Chapter Fifteen, the damn thing tries to assimilate her in a process which is described as painful enough to be compared to losing against the Mass-Production Evangelions (which has haunted her throughout the whole story and she still feels phantom pain from) and involved a lot of touching.
      • Unit-02 also managed to produce the strongest AT-Field ever recorded by NERV. Keep in mind, this is an organisation that has encountered Zeruel's AT-Field and witnessed the freaking Third Impact.
  • The first few paragraphs of Chapter 14. In short, squeeze. In long, the first few paragraphs are a flashback to the times when Asuka was abusing Shinji, and she just finished... pleasing herself. We get a pleasant peek into his thoughts.
    It'd be so easy, too. Now that she was sated, all he needed to do was wrap his hands around that soft, elegantly long, slender neck of hers and just squeeze. Just squeeze. Squeeze and squeeze and squeeze and not stop this time around if she reached for his face. Squeeze until she stopped breathing, until her heart stopped beating and her neck snapped, until it turned purple, until her eyes bulged and her windpipe burst in his hands. Yes. Just squeeze. Just make her quiet, make her stop hurting him, make her his. Then he wouldn't have to hear her stupid reasons of why he couldn't touch her, he'd touch her just where he wanted. He'd do just what he wanted, take what he wanted. Yes. Then he'd escape. Escape into her, pay her back with the same coin, make Asuka his. All he needed to do was squeeze. Choke her, exactly as he'd done in Third Impact, on the beach, on that day she kept on nagging. Killing the likes of her would be so simple, too. He had her routine measured to the tiniest details; it was all a matter of waiting for the right moment, just like this, and squeeze.
    • The final conversation Shinji has with the Beast confirms what this paragraph implies: Shinji fantasised about strangling Asuka, having sex with her corpse and then killing himself, because without Asuka he would have no idea what to do with himself. Good God.


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