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Nightmare Fuel / Monster Chronicles

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While the original Total Drama can occasionally edge into Nightmare Fuel territory, this Dark Fic series has made it's bread and butter on causing the reader to lose sleep through having much darker material than the original.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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  • The main antagonist of the series, Cedric von Túfeice, is the main source of all the scares in the story. When we first meet him, all we know is that he's a serial killer with strange supernatural abilities who started his killing spree as a child and killed over a hundred people. The more we learn about him, the more nightmarish he gets.
    • The mere fact that he spent the first two and a half seasons watching the contestants and scheming about his plans up close without any of the contestants knowing until it was far too late.

     Voodoo's Disciple 
  • Cedric's Establishing Character Moment, in which he makes his presence on the Jumbo Jet known by attacking Chef and a random intern. Chef is lucky enough to survive to the next chapter with only a few scratches, but the intern isn't so lucky...
    • Even scarier is the fact that unlike most of Cedric's victims, we never actually learn how Cedric murdered him. The only hints we get at the murder scene are bloodstains and pieces of bone and gray matter, with Cedric having drawn a circle of blood on the wall of the room.
  • At the end of the second chapter, Cedric demonstrates his abilities by effortlessly slaughtering a whole platoon of US Black Ops soldiers sent into the plane to try capturing him in complete darkness.
  • After the first few chapters of slinking around and setting his plans into motion, Cedric finally confronts Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot after trapping them in Area 51. Using his charisma and the season's musical theme to his advantage, he sings a Villain Song to get Team Chris under his spell. Once he has what he needs from them after scanning their memories, he suddenly coats them in shadows.
  • Alejandro's absolutely brutal death at the hands of Cedric, in which the author spared no details in making the death as gory as possible. This includes Alejandro being beaten to near death against the floor, Cedric scratching a bone deep scar into his face and literally rubbing salt into the wound, and shattering his jaw before ripping out his soul with the talisman.
    Cedric: "Come on now Greed, down in hell the greedy are supposed to push heavy things. So go on, push the floor with that pretty face of yours. Push the floor! PUSH IT! PUSH IT! PUSH IT! PUSH IT! HAHAHAHAHAHHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAW"
    • Cedric's reveal in the middle of this scene.
    Alejandro: What in hell's name are you?
    Cedric:...Yes, exactly!
  • While the Sweden chapters were a Breather Episode for the most part, the last scene provides a shocking Mood Whiplash:
    Cedric: Excuse me McCarpet. Do you have a recent newspaper I could read?
    Chris: Yeah why?
    Cedric: I started a fire in Gothenburg before we left with some old lit ashes. I estimate it killed about 100 or so people. Just wanted to make sure.



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