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Nightmare Fuel / Fairy Without Wings

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  • Kallen’s Superpowered Evil Side’s utter destruction of several guild members of Iron Star.
  • Whatever Marianne did to Iron Star, because it certainly could not have been pleasant for her to say that "they probably wish they were dead" with the way she left them and then tells Kallen she’d be better off not knowing the details.
  • The vast majority of the Unistrad arc considering it's meant to be Fairy Tail meets the horror genre. To wit:
    • The first two chapters give amazing buildup with tension so taut, you can cut it with a knife. One reader even thanked the author for their nightmares.
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    • Chapter 41 ends with Mirajane going Brainwashed and Crazy.
    • Chapter 42 has Kallen being transformed by Mirajane while she's still Brainwashed and Crazy.
  • Kallen's brutal shredding of Hoteye is this on several levels. For one, it shows how powerful Kallen is that her demon form was able to take down a member of Oracion Seis, all of whom were given a power boost in this fic. Second, it speaks of Nonette's ability as she is, insofar, the only character to actually put Kallen down when she's going ballistic. Thirdly, the shredding itself is terrifying. Kallen could've easily committed murder, like the first time her Superpowered Evil Side got out.
  • Kalina's magic in general is a bit of this if you have a vivid enough imagination. The things she summon sound like they were designed by H. P. Lovecraft.
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  • Our first sneak preview at Zero has him taking down the members of Oracion Seis in record time in a flashback when they tried to rebel against him.
  • The Big Bad of the Sindel arc the titular character herself does not fuck around. What does she do immediately after getting released? Curb stomp Gildarts! Yeah, pick a god and pray, Fairy Tail only one of them can save you now. He did, and in a way that made sense.
  • Even if he deserved it Ivan Dreyar's ultimate fate is to be turned into a tree by Nessa. She then shreds the tree to pieces and then burns the remains. What's worse is that Ivan can feel every moment of becoming and being destroyed as a tree.
  • Kalina's ultimate nightmare, Hypnox. First off, it's half the size of Domus Flau and it took down Miala and Nippy, who are capable of handling Devil Slayers. Also, this is her strongest nightmare and a significant weaker one was able to put down all of Team Quatro Cerberus without much effort. Think about that for a minute.
    • It's gotten worse. Hypnox was able to take on Tianzi and Nivea at the same time and win.
  • Nirix. Much like Sindel, Nirix is truly a worthy Arc Villain as he has begun his rampage by taking out Kallen, Rogue, and Sting in record time. He also kills Rufus and practically does a repeat performance of Sindel, albeit with much less sympathy and far more terror.
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  • Miraelzabella is also quite terrifying! Sure, Mirajane has her demonic side, but never did it LITERALLY take over! The sheer bloodlust she had is startling and there is also the fact that it almost destroyed DOMUS FLAU!
  • Mordred. Everything about the guy is outright terrifying. He's Lelouch all out of fucks to give and shows exactly what happens when Lelouch loses all sense of morals and just does what he feels is necessary for the greater good.
  • Chapter 198 has a massive revelation which only brings horror to those anticipating the Tartaros arc and kept up with the manga: END is active, the most powerful etherious ever created by Zeref, his masterpiece and the one who could accomplish what Etherus were created for, killing himself.
    • 536 while awesome in canon can only have negative repercussions for the series, END is able to burn souls and magic away. Meaning that the leader of tartaros is one of the one being's in existance if the only able to defeat even Acnologia.
  • Alice's relentless beatdown of Ember in the Cracked Gemstone arc. For crying out loud, Alice was outright torturing Ember at one point and only stopped because Pyrrha begged her to.
  • What should be an awesome moment for Lelouch winds up being this instead. He finally finally achieves Dragon Force, but it's through the unwanted assistance of VV (which Lelouch isn't aware of due to Mass Hysteria) and Suzaku notes that Lelouch is starting to resemble Mordred.
  • The way Enna Elsa defeats the mages of Serpent's Heart can be quite disturbing. Not only she makes out with her target to drain them of their magic and leave them unconscious, her curse, Critical Ecstasy, makes anyone affected by it feel incredibly horny and even if they know something's wrong, they can't fight it off. And Miala ends up getting the worst of it; her mental fortitude makes Elsa use the tentacle in her tail to force-fed her a purple aphrodisiac substance that makes the curse affect her. As Miala puts it, she was face-fucked by a tentacle. Beware the Silly Ones would be an understatement.
  • Chapter 256, especially the beginning: Not only the twins Ester and Enasu massacre Quattro Cerberus, they slaughter every inhabitant in the town, not even sparing the children. And the fates of Bacchus and Warcry are straight out of a horror movie. Lets just say Ester is a messy eater. Word of Advice; do not read it before going to sleep.

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