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Nightmare Fuel / What Lies Beyond the Walls

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  • The sheer amount of Gorn scattered throughout the series. If someone dies, it is highly unlikely that their death will be painless and/or clean.
  • Urthquake's opening scene. He mercilessly and emotionlessly bifurcates a pregnant ferret while she's on the ground begging for mercy, going as far as calling her unborn child a "thing."
  • Everything about Blackheart's fortress. There's the mouse who's tortured and eventually killed with a head crusher, a squirrel who's disemboweled and left to bleed out, a timid Mook who has his ear chopped off because he questioned Blackheart's sadism, and the overall condition of the slaves in the fortress, many of whom are malnourished or driven insane.
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  • Chapter 8 has Nelldyne joking that he plans to feed some of the young slaves "milk." Which makes you wonder if he's done that to many other slaves already.
  • Nelldyne's death from the same chapter. He gets bashed in the face so hard by Urthquake that his left eyeball pops out of its socket.
  • Kurwin and Flikk torturing Chester Nuttooth. The story doesn't depict him being tortured, but the aftermath reveals that they beat and lacerated him, sliced off his left cheek, broke or removed some of his fingers, and gouged out one of his eyeballs. And then Kurwin finishes him off by slowly eviscerating him.
  • The end of chapter 20. Elonv is busy fornicating with an otter and having the time of his life. Then he starts coughing up blood, and we find out seconds later that someone threw a knife into the back of his neck. This is immediately followed by Ozgin's gorn-filled Rasputinian Death.
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  • Chapter 21 reeks of Adult Fear. Several babes are busy hiding beneath their beds while Angus Renhym starts to search for them. Instead of looking underneath the beds, he starts impaling them with his sword, and ends up killing Genfley. Then he takes Eve hostage after Jamey and Drulra decide to fight back, only to kill her anyway after Jamey and Drulra tell him to drop his knife. And then he goes as far as to murder poor Morrvin while he's trying to run away by slicing his head in half.
  • Angus Renhym, a psychotic weasel who enjoys killing his victims as viciously as possible. Some special mentions include:
    • Ozgin. Stabbed in the stomach, stabbed several times in the anus, has her paw sliced off, is stabbed in the groin several times, and then has her throat slashed.
    • Corporal Enston Tekwyn. Stabbed over fifteen times in the back, and then has his tongue cut out.
    • Morrvin. Has his head sliced in half.
    • Lieutenant Harstow. Stabbed multiple times in the stomach, stabbed twice in the groin, and then stabbed so hard in the head that Angus breaks the blade off his knife, making sure it's lodged inside his skull.
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  • Urthquake undergoing the Bloodwrath in chapter 22. He was already brutal to begin with, but here, he's completely feral, brutally slaughtering his enemies and tearing them apart with ease. And what's worse, he lashes at Major Fenson in the process, and almost chokes Tike to death.

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