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Nightmare Fuel / The New Adventures of Invader Zim

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  • The fact that, thanks to Norlock's mentoring, Zim manages to start overcoming his flaws. As dangerous as he is normally, Zim is often defeated by his own ego and shortsightedness, but thanks to Norlock he starts to move past these characteristics, becoming more capable of long-term planning.
  • Norlock in general, being an ancient vampire who has played Evil Mentor to countless warlords, dictators, and criminals, purely for his own amusement. And whenever he chooses to stop playing around, he's downright terrifying.
  • Nny is the skool janitor, and makes repeated appearances, which have him operating just like he does in his canon.

     Season 1 

The Horrible Test Flight of Doom

  • Norlock's first appearance sees him taking Dib prisoner and nearly slitting his throat with a hunting knife to drain him of his blood.
  • Some Fridge Horror — Norlock mentions that humans used to be a lot smarter. If that's so, what reduced them to the level of stupidity we see here and in IZ canon?
  • The chapter ends with Zim and Norlock striking up an alliance, with the age-old vampire pledging his vast experience and wisdom to Zim's agenda of conquering Earth.

Parent Teacher Redux

  • Norlock getting in Dib's face and firmly promising to make him suffer for destroying Norlock's castle.
  • Norlock moving about the humans at the conference with them all being too stupid to even notice. Once again, he notes they used to be a lot smarter than this, which made it harder for him to track prey.
    • And then there's him feeding on Mrs. Slunchy, nearly killing her, with everyone writing it off as an allergic reaction.
  • While it's Played for Laughs, Gaz tries to pay Norlock to feed on her teacher, for no other reason than he annoys her.
  • Nny's first appearance in the story has him in the middle of flaying someone. It's telling that Norlock is creeped out by this.
  • Norlock waging psychological warfare on Dib by sitting outside his house at night, and making it clear that while he can't enter uninvited, there's nothing stopping him from setting the house on fire or throwing a bomb through the window. Dib, naturally, is too terrified to sleep.

GIR and Phil's (and Minimoose's) Excellent Adventure

  • While it's played for laughs, GIR claims at one point that Phil ate a hobo. It could just be one of his random comments, but all things considered…
  • The skool budget is so bad that they're serving Grade Z meat, which Nny points out is technically qualified as biohazardous waste. And then, to work around that, Nny kills a couple of the delivery men, with the explicit intention of using them as substitute meat.

Dib and the Library of Doom

  • Dib finds that missing person reports in Doomsville have tripled since Norlock came to town, with many of the people in question later turning up dead. And at the end of the chapter, we see Norlock taking yet another victim.

Clash of the Goths

  • While it's played for laughs, there's Nny offhandedly mentioning a bucket he uses to clean up blood. Stop and think about how much spilled blood he must be around that he needs a dedicated bucket for it.
  • Gaz's response to Viera's pranks against her involve sending her flesh-eating robot dolls after her. Viera unsurprisingly calls her psychotic afterwards.

Dib the Dreamwalker

  • Skoodge has a nightmare of being chased endlessly by the Slaughtering Rat People.

Zim and the Garden of Evil

  • While it's played for laughs, we get another reminder of how psychotic Nny is, as he kills someone just for touching him.
  • People in Doomsville are so stupid they just stand around and wait for the plant monsters to attack them. Makes one wonder how many were killed before the Central Root was destroyed.

Norlock vs the Mall

  • It seems that Nny's butchering of those delivery men a few chapters ago may have become standardized for the skool, because he finds odd, raw meat in a box labeled "long pig".

It Came From the Sky

  • We get to see Norlock's feeding habits up close, as he attacks a hobo and prepares to feed on him. It's only the loud arrival of Tenn's ship that distracts him and keeps him from finishing the job.

Tenn Meets World

  • Tak's experimenting with the fragment of the Meekrob crystal unleashing a massive energy storm that threatens to destroy the city.

Halloween Horror Spectacular

  • After several chapters of being mostly reduced to a background character, Norlock finally decides to show what he's got, by summoning an army of demons, undead, and various other monsters and unleashing them on Doomsville. While much detail isn't given to it, it is confirmed that people are killed during this rampage.
    • During the actual summoning ritual, it's noted that Norlock's body appears to warp and twist into an inhumane form.
  • Zim now has the entire Meekrob crystal, and is posed to get ahold of Project Domination. The chapter ends with him laughing maniacally at the thought of soon having that power at his disposal, and it's noted that "the universe itself seemed to tremble at the sound."

The Game Changes

  • Zim potentially getting his hands on Project Domination is this in-universe, as the Tallest totally Freak Out when he reveals he has the entire crystal.

Showdown of Doom, Part 2

Showdown of Doom, Part 3

  • Project Domination is shown to be powerful enough that at full capacity it can punch holes the size of Lithuania into a planet. As Dib deduces, aside from the obvious direct damage, this would also screw up the tectonic plate system and ruin the atmosphere in the process; Tak comments that this could accomplish in hours what the Irken Armada takes days to do.
  • When Project Domination is rendered inert and worthless, Norlock has a Villainous Breakdown, shrieking wildly and transforming into a humanoid bat demon. He then starts attacking everyone else ruthlessly, proving to be an Implacable Man that is ultimately only defeated by the sheer luck of Dib realizing that the material Project Domination is made from is tough enough to wound him.

     Season 2 

New Girls and Explosions

  • The fact that Zim and Nyx's idea of blowing off steam is to go on a rampage with a Humongous Mecha and tear through the city, doing all kinds of damage.

The Hunt of Doom

  • It's easy to overlook the seriousness of the situation given how incompetent most of the bounty hunters involved are, but there's still the fact that Nyx puts a hit out on Dib, leaving him with killers from across the galaxy coming after him.
  • The fates of a couple of the bounty hunters, while played for Black Comedy, are still pretty horrific. Ma'lack gets dragged off to torture by Nny for daring to attack a student, while Syrax is torn apart by Gaz's security dolls for entering her room.
  • Zim lashing out at Nyx when he finds out that she's the one who put a hit on Dib, grabbing her by the neck and slamming her against a wall, telling her to call it off and threatening to outright kill her if she ever tries to kill his nemesis again.

Career Day 2 — The Interning

  • Skoodge has to intern under Nny. Thus, we're treated to a lovely scene of Nny demonstrating how to properly disembowel a person.

Rise of the Unknown Rival

  • For anyone with a fear of clowns, there's the Cyborg Death Clown Zim unleashes to stalk Team Save Earth through Quis' fake Haunted House.
  • After a while, Quis seems less interested in scaring Dib and the twins or convincing them the house is haunted, and more interested in causing them harm. He has a flaming skull fling itself at Dib, nearly drowns the three of them in slime in the basement, and sends a whole horde of animatronic monsters to attack them when they're cornered in the attic.

Through the Looking Glass

Battle of the Fans

  • The Ikiwikinomicon, a blatant parody of the Necronomicon which turns an entire convention center into undead and other monsters and sends them after the few people unaffected.


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