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Trivia / The New Adventures of Invader Zim

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  • Bonus Material: The Mature Edition is composed of non-canon stories that were simply incompatible in rating with the main series.
  • Follow the Leader: Another writer on FanFiction.Net called Invader Derp was inspired by this story to do their own series of "seasons" of collected, loosely-connected one-shot stories. And on a specific note, that series copied this one's idea of calling the city setting "Doomsville".
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  • Meaningful Release Date: The first chapter was published to coincide with the release of the first issue of the Oni Press comic series. And then the last chapter timed out to be published three years later to the day.
  • Throw It In!:
    • Originally, the creator of Project Domination was just going to be a nameless rogue Meekrob. At the last moment, while writing the scene, the author was inspired to name him as a Shout-Out to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003).
    • The fight between Norlock and Slab Rankle in Episode 12 concluding with Rankle launching Norlock away on a rocket was apparently a decision made late in that chapter's development.
    • The entirety of Episode 15 was based on a proposed outline from one of the author's friends, which he liked so much he decided to include it. Also, Squidman being involved wasn't in the original outline, but was added later in the planning process.
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    • That same friend provided other outlines which served as the basis for the Mature Edition, which was only created because the author couldn't make them fit in the main series.
    • The Carnival of Killers situation in Episode 3 of Season 2 was originally envisioned years earlier as a standalone story that never got off the ground until the author decided to incorporate it into this series.
  • What Could Have Been: Per Word of God:
    • Episode 4's chase across the city was supposed to include a trip to the Mall and an appearance by Slab Rankle. But because the writing of the chapter had dragged on so long, the author decided to cut that bit out and just wrap up the chapter.
    • Similarly, Episode 5 was going to have several more Death Traps in the SEN library, but the author couldn't make them fit, so cut them.
    • Steve and Viera weren't originally going to be siblings. However, making them brother and sister made it easier to bring them both into the story at the same time.
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    • In Episode 7, the automated emergency teleport off of the Meekrob ship was a last minute addition by the author, after he realized that the Alien Geometries he'd given the ship meant that no one would be able to just run out in time to escape the Self-Destruct Mechanism.
    • Episode 9 was originally going to be about a spell going wrong and trapping all the main characters in their worst nightmares and having to team up to escape. Instead, the author decided to go with a lighter Dream Walker angle. Also, even after the change, it was supposed to focus on Viera, but was switched to Dib when the author decided having two chapters in a row focused on her to be too much.
    • In Episode 11, it was originally going to be Viera's Eye of Fire amulet that was sacrificed to destroy the Central Root. But at the last minute, the author decided that it worked too well as a Weapon of Choice for her to throw it away, so destroyed Dib's BFG instead.
    • Episode 12 was originally titled "Norlock vs the Knock Offs", until the author realized that he spent more time fighting Slab Rankle than the Twilight parody's cast. So it was changed to "Norlock vs the Mall".
    • The original outline for Episode 15 had a lot of M-rated content, so the author had to trim it out. Also, Norlock was going to have a Hand Waved excuse to be present on the beach trip, but was removed when the author realized it was simpler to bring in Squidman.
    • Episode 18 was originally going to be about Team Save Earth and Zim's group having misadventures at a generic ComicCon knock-off, until the author decided that having them do so at that point would kill the momentum of the Story Arc, so it was shifted to Gaz instead. And that resulted in the convention being shifted to be specifically about video games, which inspired the idea of bringing in Iggins.
    • In Episode 19, the author apparently juggled around which group would retrieve the Meekrob crystal and how the other groups would get the information anyway. Most of the scenarios thought up had to be discarded because they involved Skoodge betraying Zim to Tak and Tenn, which wouldn't have worked due to the Character Development that had happened in the process of writing the story.
    • The author admits that Project Domination was originally going to be a reality warping device, but changed it to a Wave Motion Gun because the former idea seemed too overpowered.
    • Instead of ending up in a coma at the end of his first appearance, Havok was supposed to become Zim's hired muscle. However, this was originally planned during the period where Skoodge's above-mentioned betrayal was meant to still happen and leave Zim understaffed compared to the other factions. Between that not happening, and the author being given Nyx and Ying to work with, Havok seemed less necessary in that role and was given a different outcome.

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