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Nightmare Fuel / Starlight Over Detrot

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  • Imagine that you find a body which has fallen off a ledge. It's been horribly mutilated, but done with such exquisite care that the serial killer must have taken their time. Then you cut the corpse open, and instead of the red flesh you expect inside, it's entirely grey. No red, or even yellow or green to be had - just shades of grey.
  • The story of what happened to Cosmo, and subsequently to the rest of Jingle Jangle's family, goes from morbid to simply sickening. Cosmo, as a young buck, was deathly ill, a congenital heart disease which was incurable without a transplant. The family, seeing no other options, visited a Zebra shaman, one who had hitherto been wronged by the family - but without their knowledge. The shaman provided them with a new heart, telling the family that as long as the love between the parents survived, so would their son. So it appeared to be. But soon that love turned sour, and Cosmo's father eventually snapped, murdering his wife. In the end, the father was sent to jail, but not before the son died... some say of a broken heart. Jingle-Jangle took his name, and buried the still-beating heart within a box, thinking it contained Cosmo's soul. The twist: the Zebra provided the family with a changeling heart, which siphoned the love between the parents until nothing remained, destroying their relationship. Now that's a Gypsy Curse.
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  • Preceding that, the fate of that poor child within the Tartarus Correctional Facility. Not only is she forever tied to the entire prison, the only thing keeping it running and secure - she's also been twisted into a living power cell with the destruction of dozens of sapient beings, including one who was being harvested before her eyes.


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