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  • Telly waking Hardy up via phone feedback
    Telly: "You awake now?"
    Hardy: "Yes, and thanks for that, you vile harridan."
  • The various ways ponies descriptions of the sort of bodily harm Chief Iris Jade wants to inflict on Hardy
    Telly: "You've got about forty-five minuted before the chief said she's going to call broadside over at PACT to send a team to retrieve your cutie mark. She made no mention of the rest of you."
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  • Taxi trying to act uninterested in whatever is bothering Hardy the first morning - and failing miserably.
    Taxi: "You don't want to talk about it, then it no skin off my nose." *beat* "Okay, I lied. What's in your head? Come on, Hardy...Tellmetellmetellme!"
  • The various ways the file cloud can malfunction, including spitting out reports from the future.
  • Telly calling dibs on Hardy's hat before he heads off to meet the chief in Chapter 2.
  • Hardy explaining what happened to the drug lab.
    Scarlet: "What happened to the drug lab?"
    Hardy: "The school ate it."
  • Dr. Pickle on seeing Hardy after a fight: "Good heavens! did you get *really* over-eager with a cricket bat?!"
  • Pretty much everything that Slip Stitch does is made of hilarity, including and not limited to his autopsy reports. It certainly befits the suspected grandson of the Element of Laughter.
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  • Many of the opening tidbits by The Scholar are quite enjoyable, and contain elements of Gallows Humor, but this particular set of warnings in the owner's manual of a shotgun are particularly evocative:
    -Not to be used for the ballistic distribution of party favors.
    -Not to be used for the ballistic distribution of party guests.
    -This is a highly inefficient way of making cupcakes.
    -Though we appreciate the business, do not stash all over town in case of shotgun emergency.

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