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Theories about the main villain or villains and their motivations

The ultimate goal of the Conspiracy is assassinating Princess Celestia
  • Seems to fit with the Loonies' goals
  • The transformation of Swift Cuddles and Grape Shot could have been for this purpose

The goal of the Conspiracy is to frame Luna for an attempted assassination of Celestia
  • The moonlight weapons and Nightmare Moon's armor could be used to make people think Luna was behind an assassination attempt

The Web of Dark Wishes is fueled by magic drained from living unicorns
  • The Beat gets his invisibility cloak wish after delivering the counterfeit armor. The professor was killed around that time in the same manner as Ruby.
  • Draining the color from ponies is mentioned to be a rare thing

Umbra, Animus, and Armature controls the Web of Dark Wishes
  • They can keep criminals out of jail, no matter what.

The psychologist of Supermax is behind the Conspiracy because she wants to get back at the Princesses for closing her prison

The Conspiracy started prior to the Cutie Mark Crusades, which were used as an excuse to build Supermax
  • The blueprints on file for Supermax don't match its actual layout; it may have been designed for something other than its stated purpose

The Conspiracy incited the Cutie Mark Crusades intentionally
  • Closely related to the above WMG

The item that Ruby Blue hid is a spellbook
  • The diary mentions that there was a spellbook thought lost since before the crusades in Dodge Junction. The conspiracy may need that spellbook for whatever they're planning.

Supermax has a method for manufacturing alicorns
  • The 'demons with wings and horns' are mentioned in relation to Supermax.

Supermax had one or more alicorn prisoners, which weren't relocated to Tartarus
  • The 'demons with wings and horns' are mentioned in relation to Supermax.

The Conspiracy intends to strike during the full-day eclipse

The Conspiracy was planning on starting gang wars in order to draw the Princesses to Detrot

The 'She' mentioned by Ruby Blue is Astral Skylark

Theories about characters and groups that are not necessarily the main villains
Astral Skylark is not Ebon Kitten
  • Skylark's behavior in Tartarus seems to be beyond the persuasive abilities of a petty criminal.
  • There was a major change in Ebon Kitten's appearance around the time she went to Tartarus

Astral Skylark is controlled to some degree by the psychologist of Supermax
  • The psychologist seemed to specialize in behavior modification, which could explain how Skylark is able to win friends and influence ponies
  • The Loonies took converted Supermax into a convent. This is unlikely to be a coincidence

Telly is Gypsy
  • Radio broadcasting illegally without being tracked down, has inside knowledge of Detrot PD, has a very positive opinion of Hard Boiled

The Ancestors are alicorns
  • Because it's less boring than them just being old ponies.

Hard Boiled isn't immune to scrying, the diary is
  • Whatever happened to make him that way had to happen prior to his first visit to Cosmo's office.
  • It would explain why there was no magical way the conspirators could find the diary

Hard Boiled seeing visions of Juniper because of something Ruby Blue did
  • That's why she apologized


Theories about how Equestria works in Starlight Over Detrot

The Princesses (at least Celestia and Luna) really are true immortals
  • Discussed in one of the Scholar entries, but neither confirmed nor denied.

Luna really is a goddess of death
  • Discussed in one of the Scholar entries, but neither confirmed nor denied.

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