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xdark.rosesx is Tara in disguise.
'Darkie' doesn't give her name, and both Tara and Darkie are obvious trolls writing Troll Fics just for the lulz. We hope.

xdark.rosesx is not a troll. She is an excellent speller who is typing inhumanly fast and her keyboard lacks a Backspace key.
You see, these scientists have hired a girl to type while being controlled by a machine that makes her fingers type however many words they need in a split second. This girl, however, found the machine uncomfortable and her fingers hit all the wrong keys with no way of correcting them. This was not meant to be a Warriors story, it was meant to be an essay about this new invention, which is why character's names keep showing up and it actually sounds like it was supposed to be a bad fanfiction-she kept hitting the wrong keys. The scientists happened to have heard of the books, and one of them decided it would be funny to post this online. So the scientists are the ones trolling.

Hollyleaf is not actually acting OOC (as compared to Warriors canon).
Instead, Hollyleaf is the one character, canon or otherwise, who is not affected by StraGlem's Mary Sue-ness. Obsessed with the warrior code as Hollyleaf is, she's outraged by the abomination against the code that is Satrglame - a cat who is not only the halfClan kit of a medicine cat (who is himself the halfClan kit of a medicine cat, and should know better) but also: has two cats from other Clans, one a leader, falling at her feet; kills needlessly without a second thought; becomes the leader without having trained an apprentice or even having been deputy, ever; and makes a cat who's also never had an apprentice her deputy. Confronted with the walking code violation, Hollyleaf has lost sight of her original purpose and is willing to do literally anything to destroy GleamStare, even an Enemy Mine with the Dark Forest (who are the only other cats resistant to SarGkaem's influence). This is even in character at least mostly for her: a Knight Templar willing to go to any length to "protect" the warrior code from its defilers.

Starkis Prophecy is actually written by one or more of the Erin Hunters, as a parody of terrible Warrior Cats fanfiction.

Alternatively, Starkits Prophcy is the result of a study involving a million monkeys and a million typewriters.
So far, the monkeys have not come up with anything readable, let alone Shakespeare's works. However, the researchers studying them decided to post the monkeys' writings online. The title is the first two words the monkeys typed.

Starkit's Prophecy was created during the Great Spellchecker War of 1980-2015 to kill troublemaking autocorrectors
It's a theory. It certainly happened to mine when I was reviewing it.

HackForst raped Starglaem.
Think about it. StraGlem stops at several points to mention that she and Hokfurst didn't have sex before marriage. Unable to come to terms with her twue love (or, more likely, crush) having done this, and being plenty unstable anyway, she mentally Ret-Conned it into Hacffurt becoming her proper mate and actually being in love with her. And, of course, there is repeated mention that they didn't have sex.

Stuff happens, blah blah blah, Starglaem dies and is reincarnated. Still having vague, repressed memories of what happened and therefore not really wanting to ever be involved with a tom again, she eventually abandons her moral code out of loneliness and despair and gets together with her best friend. Everyone (in Starkit-verse, at least) is happy.

Then, after a while passes, she realizes that she is preggant by Jazzsong. Cat characters openly ask how that's possible, hinting that it isn't just another piece of the Starkit-verse's insanity, or at least not in the totally-unexplained way; Starcaln took the souls of her unborn kittens by Hackfort from her previous life and re-impregnated her, because that was part of the prophecy mentioned below. Therefore, they were really his kits all along, and Starcaln continues to be a dickbowl to fulfill their prophecies.


Which leads me to my next WMG...

Starglaem is completely insane.
Speaks for itself, honestly. The events of the story are based off of Starglaem's actual life in Thundercaln, except with a great deal of twists and turns and Ret Cons and general insanity, because she's, well, insane. This includes things that are focused on that have no reason for being so, or just plain don't make sense (for example, Tigerstar tried to drop a yew branch on Firestar from a good height, but misses; Starglaem whimsically decides that it didn't work because of the newt perched on it), not to mention some of the unnatural fur/eye colors, such as her own.

Unfortunately for the inhabitants of the Starkit-verse...

Starglaem has a Compelling Voice, or some other form of Mind Control.
She really is the leader of ThunderClown in her 'verse; she really is a good hunter and fighter who is well-liked by everyone, and StarCaln did single her out for a prophecy.

Of course, the whole being-well-liked and such thing is because she is able to twist the minds of those around her to think that she's amazing and fall in love with her willy-nilly (in the case of those she likes) or hate her and try to kill her and pretty much everyone else, seemingly For the Evulz (in the case of those she doesn't like).

Then there are those few who are mostly immune to her Mind Control and don't particularly like her one way or another, but are still twisted around from their original characters by the remaining effects.

StarClan, the only group to be fully immune, is humoring her and guiding her along, because there is a major crisis coming up that can only be solved by her complete and utter crazypantsiosity.

  • Or Star Clan is also under her spell, explaining why they also seem to worship her.
  • The cats who are resistant, like Hollyleaf, are the ones that hate her, because they can see what she's doing to their Clanmates, and they're trying to kill her to free the other cats. But they're not totally immune, her power still makes them act stupid, the only difference is that it doesn't make them also love her.
  • Most of the Dark Forest cats are also resistant and want to kill Stargleam because she has taken over the forest instead of them, and all their "apprentices" quit training because they're in love with Stargleam or just worship her. This forced them to do an Enemy Mine with the living resistant cats, even ones who hate the Dark Forest, to take down Stargleam.
  • Tigerkit and Fluffykit inherited their mom's mind control power. But Tigerkit is much stronger than Stargleam, so much that he could even control her to do a Face–Heel Turn.

Stargleam is descended from Sol.
Assuming the previous WMG to be true, she gets her Compelling Voice powers from him. Her mother Dawnsparkle is probably Sol's daughter.

Alternately, Starglaem is just a straight-up Reality Warper.
She's still sort of insane, but instead of the more outlandish Big-Lipped Alligator Moments only taking place in her head, they're real, and she's the one causing them.

Stargleam is really xdark.rosesx in cat form.
It would certainly explain the Sue-ish-ness.

There was a point for the newt.
TiggerStraw was trying to force-feed the yew to FuhrStar. However, he didn't notice that a newt had perched on the branch because...well... He's not really the smartest villain in this. The yew branch was very big, and the newt added to the size. Therefore, it wouldn't work because it wouldn't fit in FirStar's mouth.

Fugglykit will be mentored by HolyLeaf.
Remember when HolyLeaf (disguised as a Mongoso) fled into the woods after being rared at? And in the next chapter, when poor, poor Fugglykit runs off into the woods after learning of his Mother joining SatinClan? Fugglykit meets up with our favorite shapeshitter, and they train together in an awfully short Training from Hell Montage. When the battle begins, HolyLeaf is injured in an epic curb stomp battle. In an attempt at some kind of heartwarming moment or tear jerker (but will inevitably fail) HolyLeaf will have a Take Up My Sword moment.

Or, in a stunning development, HolyLeafcould really be alive and instead just try to invoke a Passing the Torch moment.

But then there is also the chance that HolyLeaf will die and the destiny of Fugglykit will be left a mystery. I prefer the above two theories, though.

HolyLeaf is the same sort of being as Ujurak.
The only difference is that her Shapeshifter Default Form is a cat, not a bear.

xdark.rosesx's horrible spelling is the result of brain damage.
All the spelling errors go way beyond "meant to type in one word and typed in another" or "spelling a word phonetically without regard to how its actually spelled." Sometime in the past, the author suffered some sort of trauma to the brain. As a result she is chronically incapable of recalling certain words' correct spelling and does not recognize when she makes an error.

Starkit is an alternate universe form of Dovewing.
For one, on the cover of The Fourth Apprentice, Dovepaw has rainbow eyes. Starkit replaces Dovewing, as she is a cat in a prophecy.Lionblaze's powers might have been given to Hollyleaf, and Dovewing's place in the prophecy to Starkit, in a much more chaotic form. Not sharing the same powers though.Jayfeather keeps his powers, but is just as insane as Starkit and possibly Hollyleaf.
  • Alternatively she's the thing the Demon of Razgriz is trying to destroy.

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