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    Original Characters 


The main character and namesake of the story. She is the daughter of Jayfeather and an Original Character named Dawnsparkle, and a prophecy says she will rid the forest of the evil tiger and holly. She also ends up in a Love Dodecahedron with Firestar, Blackstar, Graystripe, Ashfur, and Hawkfrost until settling for Jazzsong and having her kits.


Stargleam's best friend. She ends up in a relationship with Gleamstar once the author realized that she was a "plebian".


The mother of Stargleam, Flamepaw, and Lakepaw. Formerly a ShadowClan cat, she mated with Jayfeather, the ThunderClan medicine cat, despite it being as forbidden as a Clan relationship can get.


One of Stargleam's sisters. At one point, she dies but later is just fine. She joins SatinClan upon saying she is bisexual.
  • Bi the Way: FlamePelt casually announces that she is "by", and that it doesn't matter. StarKit and NightStorm are shocked and try to tell her how "bed" it is, but she just ignores them and goes to join "Satinclan"


Gleamstar's other sister. She is in a lesbian relationship with Redpaw that her sister originally disapproves of, which is why she joined SatinClan.
  • Back from the Dead: She dies twice in the space of two chapters, but doesn't stay dead either time.
  • Demonic Possession: She was once possessed by Hollyleaf.
  • Heel–Face Revolving Door: She's on Stargleam's side in the beginning, temporarily becomes evil when possessed by Hollyleaf, cooperates with Stargleam for a while before joining SatinClan, then becomes good again in the end.
  • Schoolgirl Lesbians: With RedFur.


Lakepool's plebian mate, who also joins SatinClan from not being allowed to be in love. She and Lakepaw end up raising the newly resurrected Stargleam before the Face–Heel Turn.


One of Stargleam and Jazzsong's kits, named for his fluffy pelt. He was born a good fighter and is on the side of ThunderClan in the final battle, leading to his Heroic Sacrifice.


One of Stargleam's and Jazzsong's kits, possibly named after Firestar. The only thing he was mentioned to be doing was fighting alongside Fluffykit.


Their third kit, Obviously Evil from the start, sharing a prefix with Tigerstar. He was kidnapped by Ashfur so he could be raised evil. The tiger in the prophecy is actually referring to him.


The cat form of Satan. Other than dragging cats to hell, though, he doesn't really do much.

    Major canon characters 


The leader of ThunderClan who becomes the mate of Gleamstar, despite being her great grandfather and already being with Sandstorm, who is still alive and doesn't seem to mind.


Leader of ShadowClan, who attempts to "molestraep" Stargleam because he wanted to be her meat. Upon her rejection, he "mocits swisscide".


Formerly Firestar's best friend, he now hates him because he wants to be with Stargleam.


The father of Stargleam and her sisters, he is highly out of character by mating with a ShadowClan cat.


One Big Bad of the fic. He is in a relationship with Hollyleaf and is suddenly Back from the Dead. Oddly, he isn't actually part of the prophecy.


The other Big Bad. She is now evil alongside Tigerstar despite hating crimes against the Warrior Code, and is also a "shapshitter".


He is not very important despite being part of a prophecy, and is killed by his own sister before he can answer Stargleam's question of him being a "homosezzual".


He is also pining after Gleamstar, but goes evil upon her rejection. He also decides to "mack our" with Hawkfrost at one point, even though they were fighting.


Another mate of Stargleam, no longer evil and alive with no explanation.



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