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Drinking Game / StarKitsProphcy

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A Drinking Game for the fic StarKitsProphcy.

Sip when...

  • Someone changes names.
  • Jesus or God is mentioned.
  • Somebody shouts (Big "NO!", Say My Name, etc).
  • There's a Dramatic Ellipsis.
  • There's a Dear Negative Reader author's note.
  • Any Accidental Innuendo or Freudian Slip.
  • Someone dies.
  • ... And then comes back to life with no explanation.
  • Drink again if it's a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Someone falls in love with Stargleam.
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  • Stargleam or the author expresses disgust with homosexuality.
  • Stargleam's eyes are mentioned.
  • If her eyes have changed color since the last time they were mentioned.
  • You read something so nonsensical, even by Starkit's Prophecy standards, that you can't begin to imagine what the author was trying to convey.
  • Someone speaks in a language other than English.
  • The author demonstrates a severe misunderstanding of feline biology.
  • Every time you see a variant of "then he left."
  • Someone says onomatopoeia out loud.
  • Someone gasps.
  • Someone 'Locks'

Full drink when...

  • The author draws religious parallels to something happening in the fic.
  • The canonical warrior code is broken by Starkit, and nobody cares.
  • "Jesus" is spelled correctly.
  • "Rogue" is spelled correctly.
  • Firekit is actually mentioned.

Take half the bottle when...

  • The story dramatically changes because of the authors personal life/online events.

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