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Nightmare Fuel / To Be a (Miraculous) Master

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  • Since their official debut, Team Akuma has proven to a dangerous group to our heroes, straight up being called terrorists. To highlight:
    • In Chapter 19, two grunts caused a horde of Woobats to go on a frenzy rampage, caving in Marinette, Adrien and their friends as a result.
    • Chapter 20 shows that they see no problem in attacking young Trainers and kidnapping trainers and their Pokémon to brainwash them. Just as they did to Ivan.
      • That is not even mentioning their disturbed fascination with the process of fusing a trainer and their Pokémon into an unnatural Bond Hybrid. They don't bat an eye when the victims and their Pokémon are clearly screaming in agony during the fusion.
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    • While they made themselves known in Chapter 24, they go on an all-out assault on Lumiose City in Chapter 38, attacking civilians in a ploy to lure out Lady Ledian and Liepard Noir for Poison Moth.
  • The scary house on Route 14 when Marinette and Alya visited it in Chapter 44. The author took inspiration from the Pokémon Generations episode, The Old Chateau, such as the girls being greeted by a mysterious butler and the Nightmare Face they experienced near the end, as well as plenty of Shout-Outs to Stephen King during the various phantasms and illusions the girls faced when lost in the building. Particular references include Alya running into phantasms of her younger twin sisters at the end of a hallway chanting "You'll float too..." offscreen. And then for Marinette's experience, the scary house plays upon her worst nightmare of seeing an illusion of Adrien being taken away by another girl before being killed before her eyes in a particularly brutal fashion. However, her mirror reflection does help mitigate her fear by telling her to remember these experiences to be strong to protect Kalos. It goes to show that the scary house, or whatever is residing inside the scary house, is capable reading into its visitors' memories and fears to frighten them out of their minds. Ultimately, there is no solid explanation on how the scary house is capable of such frightening things.

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