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Trivia / To Be a (Miraculous) Master

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  • Breakthrough Hit: This is Zor the Reaper's only major work so far. His FanFiction.Net profile only shows various and less significant Miraculous Ladybug oneshots.
  • Creator's Favorite: It might've been mentioned in another fic belonging to the author, but he mentioned Juleka being one of his favorite Miraculous Ladybug girls with Alya and Marinette up there. Though the author has taken the time to try to develop the characters equally, Juleka is one of the non-main characters to receive particular Character Development especially in Chapter 50.
    • Alix might also be favored as she seems to appear more frequently than some of the other former classmates.
  • I Knew It!: With Hawk Moth in the main series being Gabriel Agreste, the story had spaced out in time enough to also follow along with that revelation. However, Gabriel is also the Kalos Champion, making this an interesting case as most Champions portrayed in fan works are not usually portrayed as villainous. Not even in the Pokémon games or the anime.
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  • Inspiration for the Work: The whole story started when the author first wanted to know what kinds of Pokémon the characters from Miraculous Ladybug would have and it snowballed from there.
  • Milestone Celebration: The author celebrates reaching the halfway point of the story at Chapter 50, indicating a planned 100 chapters in total.
    • The author celebrates the story's two-year anniversary with Chapter 53's posting.
  • Shrug of God: The author's answer regarding the scary house's powers in Chapter 44, leaving it up to interpretation.
  • Teasing Creator: The author often likes to end chapters on a dramatic cliffhanger and has usually been vague on more sensitive plot points to let readers try to guess what would happen next.
  • Word of God: The Pokémon for each character is listed on the author's profile page and more recently, updated in each chapter summary for its AO3 version, at least for present characters in that chapter.

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