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Awesome / To Be a (Miraculous) Master

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  • All the Gym Battles.
    • In Chapter 5 and 7, Adrien and Marinette both have their first gym battle against the Santalune Gym Leader Vincent Aza respectively.
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    • In Chapter 16, Marinette faces off against Théo, the Cyllage Gym Leader. Highlights include Matinette's Ralts evolving into Kirlia, matching Marinette's determination to be Adrien's and his Ralt's equal. This gave Kirlia the move Draining Kiss which Marinette effectively used on Théo's Tyrunt, ensuring her victory.
    • Marinette is up against the Shalour Gym Leader Jalil Kubdel in Chapter 23. Since the Shalour Gym specializes in Mega Evolution, this Marinette's first time facing off against a Mega Evolved Pokémon. Her Togepi managed to take advantage of her ailment inflicting moves despite her own lack of experience and status as a baby Pokémon, with Kirlia displaying high proficiency in her Psychic abilities. Then Jalil pulls out the big guns and Mega Evolves Lucario, who demonstrates the power of a Mega Evolved Pokémon by easily wiping out Kirlia and Togepi in one hit. Only with Tikki left, Marinette starts to panic when the advantage she and Tikki had over Lucario was gone, that is until Alya snapped her out it and reminded her why she wanted to win. Marinette soon regains her resolve and it result in Tikki evolving into Ledian and using her new Iron Fist ability with Mach Punch to finish off Mega Lucario.
      • During the beach date between Marinette and Adrien, Adrien reveals that Plagg managed to last in two rounds against the Shalour Gym, only giving out when against Mega Lucario. His Litleo evolving into Pyroar helped Adrien win the match.
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    • In Chapter 31, Marinette has her Coumarine Gym Battle against Roger Raincomprix, the latter who specializes in disabling and immobilizing through the use of Stun, Poison, Grass-moves,and preventing his opponents from activating their Pokémon ability. Marinette's at a slight disadvantage due to relying on her Pokémon's ability such as Swadloon and Togepi. Despite this, Marinette's able to find away around this problem and used an advice Roger taught her earlier to devise a strategy to use Roger's moves against him, even having Tikki using Gogoat's Leech Seed to bind the Mount Pokémon, earning Marinette's victory.
    • Chapter 37 has Marinette able to challenge the Lumiose Gym against Nadja Chamack. Considering that nearly half of her team at this point are weak against Electric-types, Marinette came up with a strategy inspired from her interrupted practice battle with Alya and her Electabuzz beforehand to not only defend against Electric attacks, but to also keep Nadja on her toes so that she couldn't get get the jump on her. She has Tikki use Mach Punch to force up dirt to block incoming Electric attacks and splash Nadja's Pokémon in them to weaken their power. It works against Nadja's Emolga, but fails against her final Pokémon, Magnezone, due to its mighty power. Marinette then improvises by saving a Pokémon with a decent type advantage for last, which is Swadloon, and has her charge in as part of an All or Nothing. Marinette takes advantage of Magnezone's floating through Swadloon's String Shot, disorienting it by attacking the eyes with multiple Energy Balls, and finally using its own huge bulk against it before landing the final blow, earning her the Voltage Badge and Adrien's praise as he, Alya, and Nino were present for her Gym battle.

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