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Future Captured Pokémon

Marinette would catch an Eevee and evolve it into a Sylveon
Marinette would own cute Pokémon that are also very tough in battle. Though the story has progressed far along and Marinette already owns five Pokémon, it's still unknown what the sixth Pokémon the author plans to let her capture.
  • Jossed. Marinette's sixth Pokémon is Spinda.

Adrien would own an Absol
Absol is a Dark-type feline associated with bad luck, making him an ideal fit for him.
  • Jossed. The author confirmed at some point that every main and recurring character will have different Pokémon to show off. Only exceptions are if the Pokémon have different evolutions. An Absol is already shown to be owned by Adrien's father, Gabriel. Still somewhat fitting as it was said he compares Adrien to Absol at times.

Someone will own a Pokémon exclusive from Alola (i.e.: Adrien and Litten)
The Alola region is acknowledged as Alya is originally from there before moving to Lumiose City. Though Word of God has initially stated that he doesn't plan on writing a sequel to Alola anytime soon, the author hasn't confirmed that he would completely abandon the notion of an Alolan Pokéon showing up and a main/recurring character owning it.
  • Alya caught a Rotom in Chapter 49. It's not an Alola native, but Alya said she was familiar with it due to referencing their use for special Pokédexes.


Marinette would gain an interest in Showcases and start competing in one
It wouldn't be too far off for her to try out a Pokémon Showcase, even though she goes through Gym battles to compete in the Kalos League and remain close to Adrien.
  • Jossed. It seems that Showcases are reserved for Rose and Juleka. And Marinette would be content enough if either one of them became the new Kalos Queen while wearing her designs.

Poison Moth's true identity
Season 2 of Miraculous Ladybug has revealed in its first episode that Gabriel Agreste is Hawk Moth. This might not be too surprising as Gabriel does share plenty of parallels with Lysandre. But in this case, he is also the Kalos Champion, which puts quite the twist if the author did plan on going on this route. With that on top of his known day job, he's quite the Villain with Good Publicity. Evidence does seem to be pointing to such as Malva's expy in this story is Nathalie Sancoeur, who, shockingly to most fans, plays as the Secret Keeper. There is also his particular catchphrase when Mega Evolving his Absol, telling him to "let his wings rise."
  • Confirmed in the end of Chapter 50.

Future heroes Alya, Nino, and Chloé
It's a possibility as this story is sharing many parallels with events that have or will happen in the Miraculous Ladybug main show, particularly the new Miraculous heroes. Alya already got a taste of being a hero in the main show from using the Fox Miraculous and as it so happens, she owns a Braixen, a Pokémon based off a fox. Conveniently enough, Nino started with a Squirtle before it was revealed he would eventually use the Turtle Miraculous in the show, but this might've been coincidental as Nino is Tierno's expy here and there are heavy indications that the Vespiquen that saved Sabrina during Team Akuma's rampage in Chapter 39 belongs to Chloé. With the story progressing as far as it is now, Team Akuma will likely be upping their game, meaning Lady Ledian and Liepard Noir will need all the help they can get.
  • Delphox Rouge, who is Alya, debuts at the end of Chapter 51.
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