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  • The first chapter features a Flashback on how Marinette fell for Adrien. It mentions them having a rocky start because of Chloé, just like in the Origins episode of Miraculous Ladybug. However, Adrien finds Marinette under a tree with an injured ankle. He tends to her ankle and encourages her to believe in herself after apologizing for the incident, which is similar to how Ash inspired Serena in their Pokémon summer camp when they were younger. The scene continues with Adrien helping Marinette up and escorting her under his umbrella when it starts raining while they were still holding hands. It's pretty much a combination of both romantic scenes.
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  • Alya was a New Transfer Student from the Alola region.
  • Nino sometimes calls his Squirtle Bubbler and Alya mentioned doesn't give her Elekid a silly nickname like Lady Wifi because he's male. Both are shout-outs to Nino and Alya's moniker of their akumatized form.
  • By the end of the first chapter, Professor Damocles quotes lyrics from the Pokémon Johto opening theme song.
    "It's a whole new world out there for you to live in. There's a whole new way for you to see. Outside of this school and Lumiose City, it's a brand new place to face with a brand new attitude. But you still gotta catch 'em all and be the best that you can be."
  • Before Marinette left for her journey after saying her farewells to her parents, her father encourages her with a familiar Catchphrase from a certain cyborg. Double shout-out to the Gamer episode, in which Tom uses a similar catchphrase: "Tom style! Boo-yah!"
    Tom: Show them all what you're made of! Marinette Dupain-Cheng style! Boo-yah!
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  • In Marinette's first battle against Adrien, Plagg's finishing Shadow Claw was described to be "cataclysmic," hinting as a reference to Cat Noir's Cataclysm.
  • Marinette's Sewaddle/Swadloon uses String Shot to swing around high areas like how Ladybug uses her yo-yo to travel. In some unconventional tactics, she has also used String Shot to tie up and swing opponents around, which is like a weaker version of the Savage Spin-Out Z-move on top of Ladybug's conventional yo-yo attacks.
  • When choosing his Pokémon, Vincent would always say, "—, look into the lens!" which is a shout-out to his Catchphrase as the Pixelator.
  • When Marinette was about to capture Sewaddle, she declared "No more wrong-doing for you, little Sewaddle!" and "Time to capture you!", referencing Ladybug whenever she purifies an Akuma. She does it again in Chapter 29 when about to capture a Feebas declaring, "No more Togepi-swatting for you, little Feebas".
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  • After Marinette's Ralts was defeated during the tag team battle, Adrien tried to get Litleo to attack with Ember. Unfortunately he was affected by Mylène's Flabébé's Attract and started making kissy faces in the air and is immobilized by love. Adrien only had this to say:
    Adrien: (Facepalm) D'oh... Litleo.
  • Alya convinces Marinette to try out the Battle Chateau with her on the grounds that Alya stops pressuring her over Adrien's phone number. This exchange follows:
    Alya: "Oh, you have the courage, cowardly Litleo. You have courage."
    Marinette: "C'mon and have a heart, tin woman."
  • In the beginning of Chapter 19, to pass the time while riding on their rented Rhyhorn, Adrien and Nino argue on which video game is the true ender of friendships: Mario Party or Mario Kart.
  • Alya mentions how Adrien is “as unaware as a Slowpoke with a Sharpedo gnawing on his tail” in Chapter 22. This references Pokémon Sun & Moon Episode 5, which has an exact scene of the aforementioned.
  • Marinette refers to Togepi as her "Lucky Charm", in reference to both Togepi's description and Ladybug's Lucky Charm. Togepi also knows Metronome, which like Lucky Charm, uses a random move that puts Marinette's resourceful skills to the test.
  • Jalil would always say "—, give me your—!" when summoning his Pokémon and when activating his Key Stone, "Key Stone, give me higher power! Mega Evolve!". Both are reference to his akumatized form, The Pharaoh.
  • The stance that Jalil's Sawk and Marinette's Kirlia took and the exchanging blows between Sawk's Bide and Kirlia's Thunderbolt is reminiscent of Kamehameha.
  • The description of Jalil's Mega Lucario's berserk-like confused state upon contact from Marinette's Togepi's Sweet Kiss is a nod to Korrina's Lucario from the Pokémon XY anime when it had trouble controlling the enormous power gained from Mega Evolution for the first time.
  • When Alya sees Marinette as Lady Ledian for the first time in Chapter 24, she immediately asks what is her superhero origin, listing off bitten by a radioactive Ledian, came from an island of exclusively female warriors or traumatized by a swarm of Ledian before witnessing the murder of her parents.
  • The methods that Team Akuma is said to use to corrupt, control, and strengthen Trainers and their Pokémon is through Mega Evolution energy and the Bond Phenomenon, which was a power exclusive between Ash and his Greninja in the anime.
  • Lady Ledian's and Liepard Noir's keystones free Ivan from his brainwashing by destroying the source of it and healing him, which reflects Cat Noir's Cataclysm and Ladybug's Miraculous Ladybug ability respectively.
  • Poison Moth's projecting himself through a hologram and Lady Ledian shutting down his threat with her newly evolved Swadloon shooting an Energy Ball at the Venomoth projecting the hologram mirrors to Ladybug's own defiance to Hawk Moth's threat in the origin episode, right down to giving a declaration to protect the people from him.
  • Lila's hometown is Alto Mare, an anime-exclusive location from Pokémon Heroes that is based off of Venice, Italy.
  • After Lila made it clear to Marinette that she will steal Adrien from her, Marinette responded to her threat with this gem:
  • In Chapter 28, a Pokémon Performer makes her appeal in the Theme Performance with “Scrooge McDucklett.” Sadly, she didn’t qualify for the Freestyle Performance.
  • The outfit that Juleka styled her Mime Jr. for her appeal in the Theme Performance resembles the appearance of her akumatized form, Reflekta. Similarly, Rose's use of her Roselia's sweet smell and her style references her akumatized form, Princess Fragrance.
  • While waiting for Marinette in Chapter 29, Adrien is secretly playing Fire Emblem Heroes on his phone.
  • The author makes a reference to Sun & Moon Episode 15 using a metaphor tying back to Rockruff’s “unique training” with Ash in Chapter 29.
  • Chapter 30: Were you expecting the Kalosian Inquisition? “Nobody expects the Kalosian Inquisition!”
  • Marinette has the XY&Z Japanese opening theme, covered by Jagged Stone here, as her phone's alarm clock as revealed in Chapter 31's opening line.
  • The Trainer that curbstomped Mr. Ramier in their Sky Battle in the beginning of Chapter 32 seems to be channeling two infamous rivals from the Pokémon franchise, Paul and Blue/Green Oak, with their known catchphrases: "Pathetic!" and "Smell ya later!" respectively.
  • Plagg calls his beloved Moo Moo Farm cheese "His precious" in Chapter 32.
  • In the same chapter Liepard Noir rode his recently evolved Pyroar in an attempt to impress Lady Ledian.
  • Mr. Pidgeot is an obvious shout-out to Mr. Ramier's Akumatized form in the show.
  • Adrien assures Nino that the head injury he got as Liepard Noir against Mr. Pidgeot in Chapter 33 is "but a scratch."
  • After Lady Ledian parted ways with Liepard Noir and Alya and slipping away without either of them noticing, Liepard wonders if she grew up in a ninja village.
    • In Chapter 35, the Fennekin pulling pranks on Marinette and Alya to garner attention from them due to being dismissed by other Trainers for the more popular Pokémons bears resemblance to the same titular ninja.
  • When finally visiting her family since leaving Lumiose City, Marinette is called "champ-in-the-making" by her father, a nickname an NPC from the Pokémon games that hangs out in Gyms calls the Player Character when they ask for advice in battling the Gym Leader.
  • It's a subtle one, but in Chapter 35 when agreeing to help Marinette babysit Manon the next day, Nino says, "I'll do my best," alluding to a character of the same name from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade.
  • In Chapter 36, Marinette freaks out over the possibility of reopening Adrien's head injury with a flying frying pan or a drying pan while helping her babysit Manon.
  • In Chapter 37 during Marinette's Gym battle against Nadja, Adrien calls Tikki "One Punch Ledian".
  • In Chapter 39, Tom attempts to do the same as Meyer from the Pokémon XY anime by disguising himself as a hero and calling himself "Sceptile Mask."
  • In the same chapter, Liepard Noir comes to Alya's aid by making a grand entrance with this opening line:
    Liepard Noir: Can't let you do that, Delphox!note 
  • In Chapter 40 following Team Akuma's defeat in Lumiose City, Liepard Noir begins to show off with his Gallade and Meowstic by performing Ginyu Force-esque poses. He even sings a verse of his own rendition of the Ginyu Tokusentai song.
  • In Chapter 42, Bubbler X is an obvious shout-out to Nino's akumatized form, the Bubbler. The 'X' comes from Blastoise's Japanese name, Kamex. In addition, Bubbler X's characterization is based off of Guzma's from Sun & Moon.
  • In a similar vein as the above, Liepard Noir due to his temporary seriousness gets poked at for having similarities of an edgelord, particularly Gladion, also from Sun & Moon.
    Liepard Noir: (sending out a Pokémon) Get Out!. Gallade!
  • In regards to dealing with Mega Gardevoir and Mega Gallade at the same time, Bubbler X makes this remark:
    Bubbler X: Tch, what is this? Some sort of ballet? I give it a seven point eight out of ten. Too much white.
  • During the battle Tom promised to have with Marinette before she leaves Lumiose City in Chapter 43, Tom briefly reminisces about his time as a Pokémon Trainer, remarking about former mechanics used to evolve Feebas into Milotic in the days of Ruby & Sapphire to randomly saying how he met Marinette's mother upon traveling to Hoenn years after he started out.
    Tom: And that, dear Marinette, is how I met your mother.
  • Chapter 44 makes a few shout-outs to a few horror references due to being Halloween Episode-related.
    • Marinette makes a reference to It about the abandoned playground on the way to the scary house about how there is a sinister creature hiding in the shadows preying on children. On that note, Alya, when temporarily separated from Marinette due to chasing after the butler during a black-out, runs into her horror experience in the form of Ella and Etta suddenly showing up at the end of a hallway, chanting that Alya "will float too".
    • She makes a reference to Monster House upon first sight of the scary house.
    • Marinette makes one more horror reference to The Orphanage when the lights in the scary house go out and she and Alya are lost inside.
  • Chapter 45 formally introduces Jagged Stone, who's already a clear Shout-Out to The Rolling Stones. He offhandedly mentions some of his works being some of the Rolling Stones's songs, but with Pokémon names, such as "Gogoat Head Soup" and "Gimme Shelgon".
    • He also uses his known phrases as Guitar Villain when calling out moves for his Salamence: "rock and rip" for sending him out, "awesome solo" when invoking Mega Evolution, and "ultimate solo" for the final Desperation Attack.
  • Wang's Clawitzer pulls off an Ice Aqua Jet, which was Ash's Buizel's Signature Move from the Diamond & Pearl saga, by using Marinette's Feebas's perfected Ice Beam for himself.
  • During the Laverre Gym battle in Chapter 46, Alya remarks with incredulity on how Clefable can "fly". Two Furisode Girls make these comments on the matter.
    First Furisode Girl: No, Clefable can jump good.
    Second Furisode Girl: I thought it was more like "falling with style".
  • In the middle of Chapter 47, Marinette and Alya sing the first few lines of the Pokémon main theme song. It is interesting to note that this chapter's published date is within the period of time (November 2017) that Pokémon: I Choose You! is being aired in English.
  • In amidst the brainwashing of Lila in Chapter 48 to become his next Bond Hybrid, Poison Moth decides to channel a bit of Emperor Palpatine by convincing her to give in to her hate.
  • A couple of names that Liepard Noir humorously calls Delphox Rouge in Chapter 52 are Ms. Delphox and Rouge the Swoobat.
    • In the same chapter, Delphox Rouge pulls off the "Rosie the Riveter" pose.
  • During Marinette's romantic Imagine Spot in Chapter 53, she and Adrien are quoting lyrics from the English end credits song of Pokémon: I Choose You!, notably sung by Haven Paschall.
  • During the Flashback in Chapter 57, an Infernape under the Bond Phenomenon was described to have sparkling blue flames and effortlessly dodging attacks as though "his instincts were on ultra-level".
    • Within the same chapter, the three-thousand year old king mentioned that he would rather be a Galar war prisoner than risk countless more lives in responses to the Stripling's proposition before accepting it.
  • In Chapter 58 while lost in thought, Marinette expresses her disdain over having eternal life as the hero wielding Xerneas's power, not wanting to outlive Adrien and everyone she loves. She shares this quote before Tikki checks up on her.

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