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Heartwarming / To Be a (Miraculous) Master

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  • Chapter 1:
    • The Flashback that explains how Marinette fell in love with Adrien. It basically follows the same situation that happened in the Origin episodes of Miraculous Ladybug with a mixture of Serena's experience with Ash at Pokémon summer camp. Both started off on a rocky start, no thanks to Chloé, and finally were to make up during the visit to Professor Damocles's Pokémon reserve when Adrien helped Marinette because of her injured foot. It ends with Adrien and Marinette heading back to the others under an umbrella, with their newly acquired starters, Plagg and Tikki, looking over their new trainers.
      • How Marinette met her starter, Tikki. When she ended lost in the reserve and got her ankle injured, the Ledyba didn't hesitate to help her future trainer without a second thought. She even went to get help, which led to Adrien and Plagg finding Marinette.
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    • The first chapter is basically Marinette and Adrien's class graduating to full-fledge Pokémon trainers and everyone is barely holding back their excitement. Professor Damocles's final remarks to them before they embark on their journeys cements this.
  • The fist bump Adrien gives Marinette after having their first real Pokémon battle together the end of Chapter 3, signifying his mutual respect for Marinette as a full-fledged Pokéon Trainer. Even more heartwarming is Alya taking a snapshot of their fist bump, commenting how her "future god kids" would love to hear how their parents first started out as rivals.

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