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Tear Jerker / To Be a (Miraculous) Master

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  • Chapter 1 shows brief snippets of Adrien's home life. Before he enrolled to Lumiose Trainer Academy, trained alone in the outskirts of Snowbelle City under his father's private tutelage, his Only Friend being Chloé.
    • Marinette crying for help after getting lost and injuring her ankle during the class trip to the Pokémon Reserve in the Flashback. Combined with her failure to befriend any of the Pokémon due to her accidentally scaring them or her clumsy nature making them see her as not worth their time, Marinette feared that she would have to drop out because of this experience.
  • In Chapter 5, Adrien reveals to Marinette and Alya the reason he can't stay and watch Marinette's Gym Battle against Vincent Aza; his father told him to head to the next Gym after he was done with the Santalune Gym instead of wishing him good luck. Adrien feels that gaining all eight Gym Badges and compete in the Kalos League is the only way for his father to come back to him.
    • What makes it worse is that Adrien isn't all too interested in becoming the next Kalos Champion, but feels pressured because he's expected by everyone to succeed his father.
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  • Marinette feeling she let Adrien down during the first round of the Parfum Palace Tag-team battle in Chapter 11 against Ivan and Mylène since her Ralts was the first to get knocked out, leaving Adrien to win the match by himself. Even when Marinette won her first Gym battle on her first go and caught two Pokémon this early on her journey, she still has some doubts about her own skills and feels ashamed for not being helpful to Adrien as his tag-team partner. Given her massive crush on him, her desire to impress him fell short as it threw her out of sync with her Ralts, resulting in her early knock-out and subsequent self-imposed humiliation.
  • Marinette and the others managed to find the Glittering Cave exit after their first encounter with Team Akuma... only to learn that Ivan was kidnapped by Team Akuma when they used Mylène as a hostage so that he would stop battling if he doesn't want his girlfriend to get hurt. Mylène is left crying on the floor, feeling helpless of being unable to stop them from kidnapping Ivan.
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  • Just like in the main series, Marinette's issues in self-confidence also were evident when she donned her Lady Ledian persona for the first time as means to secretly protect her friends from Team Akuma without putting them or her family in danger. The Grunts she faced along with the brainwashed Ivan and his Rhyhorn attacked and played upon her lack of experience, causing her to nearly break were it not for Liepard Noir's intervention, whose unwavering faith in his new Akuma-fighting partner despite meeting her for the first time then inspired her to unlock her inner confidence and fight back.
  • Chapter 57 finally shows the details of the three-thousand-year old Kalos war, also known as the tragedy of the three-thousand-year old king. For long time, Kalos have been at war for many years that left most of the natural landscape as barren wasteland. The titular king had to live with the guilt of being unable to protect his people as the death toll risen until the stripling (a young Fu) approached him one day and offered his loyalty and services to the king in order to stop the war with the power of the Bond Phenomenon. This gave hope to both the king and his beloved Floette that their dream of ending the war could be fulfilled as the stripling's group managed tot take back more land without any casualties. However the war showed no sign of stopping as the opposition retaliated back and the king's Floette eventually join the war in an effort to stop it, only for the king to receive her remains in a small box. In rage and grief, the king slowly descended to madness and created a machine to revive his Floette and to end the war. When the king's brother and the stripling finally caught onto the king's plans, they tried to stop him only to fail as he used his machine to kill all those at the heart of the war. While the king fuilfilled in reviving Floette and taking vengeance, his Floette left him out of disgust for his actions.In remorse and guilt for his atrocities, the king went into exile and because the stripling and his Turtwig interfered, he was not made immortal and thus eventually passed away from old age; unable to make amends with his Floette.

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