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  • Any time Marinette gets subjected to Pokémon's famous slapstick: Harmless Electrocution.
    • Alya's Elekid often shocks Marinette either to snap her out of her daydreaming about Adrien, or to 'help' Marinette wake up easier.
    • In Chapter 22, Marinette and Alya arrive at Shalour City after a week since Ivan was kidnapped by Team Akuma, they meet up with Alix for the first time since the Parfum Palace Tag Team Battle and are introduced to Alix's newly captured Pikachu. Marinette squeals over Pikachu and begins to hug and cuddle a little too much for Pikachu's comfort. Cue Pikachu using Thunderbolt that electrocutes Marinette, Alya, Alix and her Combusken.
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    • She does it again in Chapter 36 over the Dedenne Manon befriended, but this time it's because she comment that she always wanted to nuzzle a Dedenne. Dedenne misinterpret that as the attack Nuzzle and shock Marinette with that attack.
    • When Alya introduces Marinette to a new member of her team, a Porygon-Z given to her by Lumiose Press in Chapter 43, her Porygon-Z fired a weak Zap Cannon at Marinette out of curiosity and amusement towards her reaction.
    • In a bit of light comedy considering the ordeal she went through in Chapters 47 and 48, Chapter 49 has Marinette attempt to grab Max's phone possessed by a wild Rotom during their time in the Lost Hotel. She gets electrocuted upon touching it, winding up with frizzed hair and being covered in ash from head to toe.
  • Another ongoing Running Gag is Marinette losing the nerve to ask Adrien to exchange phone numbers whenever they meet during the journey while refusing Alya's help as she already has his number. Marinette refuses Alya's help because she doesn't want to explain to Adrien if he found out how she got his number without asking, further hinting at her past Stalker with a Crush habits that are constantly Played for Laughs.
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  • The Idiot Murkrow bit in Chapter 4, enacted with Marinette waving at nothing for twenty-four seconds after Adrien leaves to do his own thing.
  • There are moments when the narration and sometimes the main characters are Leaning on the Fourth Wall as attempts of meta humor.
    • In Chapter 2 when meeting her parents before setting off to her journey, Marinette remarks in annoyance how the "current relationship" she has with Adrien as a Friendly Rival was already established last chapter.
    • Chapter 26 had the narration quickly summarize a number of events in a span of five days that were basically episodes from the Pokémon X & Y anime. These episodes are XY047, XY048, XY051, and XY054.
  • As to invoke a Funny Background Event, during Chapter 55 when Chloé returns and declares herself to be Adrien's future wife, it angers Marinette enough to ignite herself in flames with poor Alya in the vicinity failing to quell the fire she also caught.

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