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Nightmare Fuel / Old West

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  • Grace is trapped by debris when she's trying to escape a flood from an underground cave system. It is not soothing to read about how close she gets to dying from the lack of oxygen or warmth (for an ectotherm such as herself, the environment becoming extremely cold so quickly is dangerous).
  • Grace eventually reveals that nine of her ten eggs were smashed by robbers, leading her to kill them in retaliation.
  • Grace is out of the blue subjected to domestic abuse by Benjamin, much to Teddy's horror. This destroys all of Grace's sense of self-worth for a good while.
    • When Jake finds Grace under the mercy of Hares, he's shocked and has a flashback of his mother lying in a pool of her own pool and his drunken father touting that little Jake's going to be a man like him. He then turns absolutely murderous and kills Benjamin by injecting into him all the venom his fangs can provide and allowing it to take life out of him painfully.
  • Once Jake has overpowered the three traitorous Gunslinger Court members, he's attacked by the only creature he fears: a hawk. He's badly mauled by its claws before he manages to escape and hide.
    • Jake originally lost his rattle as a child to a hawk only one day after his mother was killed and he run away. He was then caught by humans to be used in a rattlesnake round-up. Before escaping, he witnessed dozens of snakes being decapitated and skinned by a sadistic man who was the first creature Jake killed. That was the Hell from where came Rattlesnake Jake, the Grim Reaper of the Mojave Desert.
  • The Adult Fear of Grace when she discovers that Teddy has been taken from home while she was helping Beans with her burning ranch.

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