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Nightmare Fuel / Kara of Rokyn

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  • Superman spends over one month trapped into a pod and immersed in a gelatinous mass which used to be the Parasite's body. He couldn't see anything or hear anything, speak, or lift a finger while his life energy was slowly leeched off. Nobody other than Lex Luthor knew where he was, meaning he might get murdered at any time. He'd disappear forever... and nobody would ever know what happened to him. His only companion during his ordeal was a hostile mind looking over his private memories. Later Supergirl would ask him how he stayed alive and sane, and Superman replied he endured out of sheer stubbornness.
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  • Brainiac's stealing of Kandor as narrated by Kandorian Nar-Es is a horrifying experience.
    "Right. Brainiac. The big green goon of a babootch in the pink shirt. The two-legged computer creep. Right when I'm at the arena, talking with my manager, we hear this big rumble, like there's gonna be a quake or something. Only it's different from that. We all ran outside, and it's hard to tell...but it looked like there was a big canyon getting cut in the ground, just outside of town, and everything on the horizon is kinda getting smaller, like you were running backwards away from it. We were trying to find lightpoles or trashcans or parked hovercars or something to grab, and the cops are zipping around in their skygrabbers, telling us not to panic, and that not too convincingly. Then...we're going up. We can tell that, somehow, because we're getting plastered right flat against the ground. The skygrabbers are plunking flat against the pavement. Most of us are throwing up like crazy. I didn't even knew I had anything to spew, and I spewed like a geyser. Ears popping. Noses were bleeding. We were all praying to Rao, or something. I don't know what we were doing.
    "Then everything goes grey in front of us for a second. And then it winks out...
    "And when it comes back, there's this big green face on the horizon, looking at us. Just looking. I mean, if that was Rao, I was ready to change my religion! R** forgive me, but he understands. We were about to go crazy. There were suicides, no fooling. I thought about it...but not for long. I was too busy wondering what was going to happen next.
    "And this voice comes out of the air, like nothing I ever heard. It tells us that the green guy is called Brainiac, that we've been shrunken down and stuck in some kind of a bottle, and that no harm will come to us, we're just part of a scientific exhibit. Really big reassurance, I can tell you.
    "Well, what could we do? After the initial nutso wave passed, the city started getting its stuff together again. The big green guy wasn't interfering with us much, so the Council got together, told everybody to stay cool, and worked out a way of living. That's what we had to do, and that's what we did do. You know that much of it.
    "We were expecting, or hoping, that all the folks left back on-planet would find a way of coming and getting us. Wrong on both counts. Like you know, Krypton wasn't much into space travel yet. And Brainiac was way out a zillion light-years from where they could reach him, if they could even find him. Which they couldn't."
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  • Kara takes villain Matter Master to Argo City in order to "de-Kryptonite" the place before towing it back to planet Rokyn. They find the Kryptonian city looks like a massive, domed graveyard floating in deep space. The place is deadly quiet, and corpses still litter the streets, preserved by the conditions of space. Before getting started, Kara reminds Matter Master they are light-years away from anywhere, and she's his only way out. If he tries something stupid, he'll be stuck there.