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Nightmare Fuel / The Ketsueki Quadrilogy

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For everything so horrific in the Quadrilogy, this is where it goes.

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     Chishio No Me 
  • The Bloody Eye. Where do we start...
    • This artifact held all the power in the universe. To think that how it will be used and who will use it is where it kicks in. Yoshimitsu, its first user, used it to protect his territory from the tyranny surrounding them. However, in the hands of Shao Kahn, it'll make all the conquering for him much easier.
  • Chapter 27. Shang Tsung drew first blood by killing Ibuki!
    • And no one would warn you that this will happen. Ibuki was busy gathering berries for both her and Li Mei, when suddenly, she hears a strange moan for help. She then finds a woman wounded along the track, and just when she is about to get help...the woman takes her soul. Any casual Mortal Kombat fan would clearly know who could do it...

     Ano Sentaku Bou 

     Majin Seiryu Ki 

     Sukui No Tsubasa 

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