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  • At the end of Last Waltz with Luthor, Superman and Lois Lane get married. Clark can barely believe they have tied the knot for real, and Lois jokes if he's a robot, there will be... consequences. And after the ceremony, both of them thank Kara for saving his life.
    "I still can't believe it's happened," said Clark. "I still keep thinking I'll wake up, or that Lois will be a robot, or I will, or it'll be a hoax, or somebody will tell me I've imagined the whole thing."
    Kara smiled. "Not a dream, robot, hoax, or imaginary story, Clark. It's for real."
    "And if you're a robot, Clark," said Lois, "I'm going to dismantle you."
    "Not yet, dear, that comes after the ceremony."
    "I'm going to enjoy being dismantled," she said. "Thank you, Kara. Thank you for everything."
    "You're welcome for everything," said Kara, who felt like she'd been saying that, or a variation on it, for a week.
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  • And then Clark states he plans to pay a visit to their older Earth-Two counterparts and take them on a trip with he and Lois.
  • Before her last match, Kara learns Jara is a member of the Travelling Clan. Figuring out her opponent's jerkass predisposition was caused by leading a harsh life, Kara feels her own attitude softening a bit towards Jara, and she dedicates the match to Jara and her Clan. At the same time, the fact that Kara shows respect towards her erstwhile-persecuted people in public leads to Jara's change of attitude.
  • When Kara is feeling disheartened and discouraged after her defeat at Jasmine's hands, her parents help her get her fighting spirit back by remembering her she isn't alone.
    Kara: Well... I don't know. It's that last... that last match, you know. Feeling like a broken tooth, just hurting you every time you put your tongue on it. But you can't keep from putting your tongue on it as often as you can.
    Zor-El: (gently) So how do you want to take care of that broken tooth? Pull it, fill it, what?
    Kara: I guess Jasmine is the broken tooth. But I failed, Daddy.
    Zor-El: You did not fail! You got beaten. The only way you fail is if you let this beat you. Kara, life is a lot tougher than some wrestling match. And you're old enough now that I shouldn't have to be doing this. So what next? Do you want to get back in that ring?
    Kara: (hesitating) I'm scared of her.
    Zor-El: I didn't ask if you were scared of her. Do you want to get back in that ring and get back at her? Say it, Kara. I won't say it for you. Do you want to get back in the ring?
    Kara: Yes! Yes, yes, yes, I do! I want to get back at her and show her up and get that stupid belt back, and then give it up. That's what I want, Daddy. That's what I want. But how do I do it? How... do... I...
    Allura: With our help, honey. That's how you do it. With both of us by your side, all the way. But most of all, with you on your side. Are you ready to start facing life, instead of just making right turns to it?
    Kara: I guess so. Yes.
    Zor-El: Say it again. Yes, what?
    Kara: Yes, I'm ready to face up to life. (pause) It's going to be hard, Daddy.
    Zor-El: It always is, Karaish.
    Kara: You really think I can do this thing?
    Zor-El: Do you think you can do it?
    Kara: I really think I can tr—
    Zor-El: Stop it! (Covering her mouth) Now, I'm going to let you repeat the first part of that sentence. If you say the wrong thing, this hand is going over that mouth again. Now what?
    Kara: I really think I can.
    Zor-El: (smiling) I really know you can. But you have to face up to her. And I can't do that for you.

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