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  • Dream of the Endless' gambit to save The Multiverse. Not only does it save Earth-One and Earth-Two but it also lets the Post-Crisis universe go on existing.
  • Before their final duel, Jasmine acknowledges she may be holding the champion belt, but Kara is the moral victor.
  • In "Last Waltz with Lex Luthor" Superman endures Parasite's life-drain for over one month. When asked about how he managed to stay alive, Kal-El replies he wouldn't be much of a Superman if he gave up, no matter the circumstances.
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  • Captain Horatio Strong, a Pre-Crisis Popeye Expy, runs into Lena Luthor and her son right when they are about to be kidnapped by Lex Luthor's goons. Quickly he delivers the kind of glorious beating which could be expected from a Popeye expy.
    Strong had come in low under the Statlers' shooting range and tackled them by the ankles. When he had them on the floor, he took their guns away and tied the barrels together. Then he lifted them both up and shoved them against the wall. Superman would have just had them surrender, or mercifully knocked them unconscious with one blow apiece.
    He wasn't Superman.
    Both of his fists pistoned back and forth into their faces repeatedly like a jackhammer. When he got tired of that he crossed his arms and treated each face to the other fist. He walloped them several times under the chin. He bopped them several times on top of their noggins. He crossed his arms and cracked them smartly on the sides of their faces that faced each other, knocking their heads apart. Then he grabbed both of their heads and banged them together again.
    After that, neither one looked like he'd be much fun to bother with, so Captain Strong let their heads go and they slumped to a sitting position against the floor. They were out cold, in the vicinity of absolute zero.
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  • If you attack a mother and her son in front of Supergirl, your fate will not be kind.
    "NO!" Lena Thorul clawed at Wanda’s face. The villainess grabbed Wanda's hand and began to squeeze it with the borrowed might of an Amazon. Lena, despite herself, cried out in pain.
    It didn't last very long.
    She was abruptly torn from Wanda's grasp by a blue-and-red thunderbolt that zeroed in on her jaw with a steel-hard fist that sent her sprawling. In another instant, Dan Reed was freed from the grasp of the Statler brothers and set down on the periphery, by the Whiz Wagons.
    And another instant after that, in the midst of the four villains stood a woman in blue, red, and yellow, arms folded, looking out at them with a deadly calm.
    "So you feel like using super-strength on a normal woman and her child," said Supergirl. "I don't have the slightest regret about what I'm about to do."
    She attacked before her foemen could manage to react.
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  • Honestly, Lex should have called his preposterous feud off when he saw Superboy tossing a meteor back into orbit.
    Nasthalthia Luthor: But he had the beaker the antidote had been in in his hand, and he was waving it around in front of Superboy. Just kinda to tease him. Superboy just sucked in with what was left of his super-breath, and busted the thing all over his mouth and got the last drops of it. He got up, shoved Lex back, grabbed the meteor and went outside with it. Lex looked out his window and saw him haul off and throw that thing. It had to have weighed over a hundred pounds. And it didn't come down. That's when Lex really started to realize what he'd been tangling with, because it didn't come down.
  • Kara knocking her old enemy Starfire (nothing to do with the Teen Titan member) out cold:
    The girl in blue and red was backing up in space, then coming forward like a rocket sled.
    The five knuckles that impacted on Starfire's jaw finished her conscious thinking for hours.

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