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Nightmare Fuel / Kamikakushi

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  • Tobirama's first encounter with Botan. Botan may be friendly but given how their first encounter went, one would not blame Tobirama for thinking otherwise. Especially since the encounter involved Tobirama being eaten.
  • Tobirama's first trip to Yumeyo involves being attacked by oni. At this point, he didn't know any techniques that were effective against them.
  • The attack from the shadow youkai. It literally ate the jutsu Tobirama used to try and defend himself. It was Tobirama's first experience with being helpless in an ambush and he is very disturbed by the encounter.
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  • Kikuyu was creepy and disturbing. The raging mu-onna are scary. And they were after Tobirama.
  • Reminders that Botan does not have a human perspective and has eaten people. He has no problem leaving the Hyuuga servant to burn to death and only saves Tobirama's possessions. He later suggests eating Butsuma when the man has upset Tobirama. It is quite clear the only reason the arsonist survived only because Tobirama hadn't been present and thus in no danger when they started the fire.
  • Ameyuri is frightening. The way she knows things is eerie and then there's the fact she eats people.
  • Akkorokamui suffers a Death of Personality and reinvents himself every time he mates. His current self is rather affable - yet unsettling - but some of his past incarnations were rather... not. Like, he has been a kraken a few times.

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