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  • When Tobirama talks to Butsuma regarding the reasons behind the feud with the Uchiha. Butsuma is willing to listen and acknowledges his words but also points out the flaws. Butsuma also knows his stoic son well enough to analyse that Tobirama wanted to talk about something, that he's not mad at his father, he isn't after something and that he's been stewing in his thoughts. He also states that he does not disapprove of Hashirama's desire for peace, he just doesn't see how it can happen. The exchange ends with Butsuma making a bad joke. Quite a change from all the fics that portray him as very distant and only a father in name. In this scene Butsuma is clearly a father in both name and deed.
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  • Tobirama meets a couple of futakuchi-onna. It doesn't take them long to decide he is adorable.
  • Akahiko is clearly fond of his koto, Higanbana and speaks fondly of how beautifully his mother played it. Little wonder that while it has become a koto-furunushi, it isn't malicious, just wistful and sad for the days he could play it. Tobirama wanting to learn how to play so that it wouldn't be so sad also counts.
  • Botan is so happy when Tobirama starts learning how to speak to youkai with unconventional anatomy that do not allow normal speech.
  • In spite of being a high-grade Tear Jerker, Uten marking Tobirama to adopt him in the dragon clan. He didn't want a soldier to fight the God Tree, he just saw a tired boy hobbling on a broken ankle to find a home for a weak tsukumogami and that was enough. Tobi was enough rather than Senju Tobirama.
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  • Churippu singing Landsailor to Tobirama.
  • Natsuru looking out for Tobirama and revealing that the kamikakushi before her did the same for her.
  • Tobirama and Natsuru collecting nekomata fur together.
  • Hashirama and Mito have been corresponding and Hashirama already cares for her.
  • When Hatsuharu implies to Hashirama that something happened to Tobirama, he goes cold and has to remind himself that if it was serious, Hatsuharu would have started with that. The fact that Tobirama seems fine, just acting out of character still worries him. It shows how much Hashirama cares about his little brother.
  • Hashirama and Tobirama bonding in the well.
  • Akahiko caring for Tobirama (although Tobirama does not appreciate the home remedies).
  • Otsuno bluntly states no one will get to bar Tobirama from the Temple. Yup, he's ready to go against his liege lord over it, because the kitten is his student. No shinobi would ever dare to do this.
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  • While acknowledging Tobirama's impromptu adoption caused a political mess, Ryuichi admits the Clan would enjoy a child running around.
  • After Tobirama confessed he felt okay with Otsuno claiming him because the priest asked rather than demanded, Ryuuko gently asks him if he wants to become family to her. No orders, no ultimatums, she merely asks. And Tobi says yes.

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