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Nightmare Fuel / Breaking Point

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  • Chrona's flashback to his childhood in the first chapter, specifically to his very first human kill. Medusa orders him to kill a little girl his own age, that she'd Bound and Gagged and was implied to have wounded beforehand. Chrona tries to refuse and begs her to just let the girl go, but Medusa responds by insulting him (see Kick the Dog on the main page), digging her nails into his shoulder, threatening to lock him in his room for the rest of the day with no food or water, and if he still won't do it, saying she'll "think up some more inventive punishment." Chrona is left with no choice, and he kills the other child.
    The first cut is too shallow. Blood spurts from her throat, and she makes strangled choking sounds. Her eyes bulge. The second cut silences her. She convulses, then lies limp and still on the floor, blood pooling beneath her throat.
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  • Overlaps with Tear Jerker: Chrona having an intense panic attack, which gives way into a full-on nervous breakdown, after giving Maka his Love Confession, and accidentally taking an entire bottle of very strong sedatives. After having not eaten anything and Ragnarok (you know, his bloodstream) drinking too much champagne at the dance. When the two of them realize what he just did, Chrona is too weak to move, and Ragnarok tries to make him vomit the pills back up, but he can't, and both pass out. Sure, Maka shows up in time to get him help, but Chrona believes he's about to die, painfully and senselessly, and that Maka will think he did it on purpose and blame herself.
    His stomach seized in a cramp. His vision blurred and swam. Blackness descended, and he felt its crushing weight on top of him, pushing him down, flattening him like a giant's hand. He was melting into the floor, his cheek pressed against the rough carpet. No matter how he strained, he couldn't move his body, and he felt himself sliding, slipping, falling, his strength running away like water down a drain.
    He was scared. Cold. He wished someone was here to hold him. Wished, at least, that Ragnarok was still conscious so he wouldn't be alone.
  • The Kishin egg that attacks Chrona and Maka in the Shibusen infirmary, Freddy the Axe. He's eaten so many souls that he doesn't look remotely human anymore, with multiple rows of teeth, long claws, spines, and a half-metal body. And said souls came from the many young girls that he raped and murdered, because according to him, girls' souls are the tastiest. Gah.
    • It's heavily implied that it was Medusa who hired him to bring Chrona to her, but Shinigami's guess that it could be a citizen of Death City trying to get rid of Chrona is just as bad.