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Nightmare Fuel / With Big Shells and Wings

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  • Trowzer disecting a koopa troopa alive in front of Dix just so he'll persuade him to stop asking questions about his personal business. The author even put up a warning at the beginning of the chapter.
  • Doopliss finding Darrik's severed jaw lying on the floor in his house.
  • Both of Trowzer's Villainous Breakdowns.
    • The first time he starts Laughing Mad and drops his seemingly affable attitude, and then he promptly tells Mario that he's going to torture him psychologically and force Mario and Luigi to lose their sanity. Although he doesn't in the story, the mere Foreshadowing for the sequel makes it seem like he'll make good on his threat...
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    • The second time is even worse. As Trowzer starts to brutally beat Larry to death, Trowzer devolves into a horrifying monster with an unquenchable lust for blood. At some point Trowzer started to abuse Larry in such a way that Larry wound up becoming a "bloody bloated sack of bones." Trowzer became so crazy in his feral state that he scared every single soldier in his army and even made a few of them break down and cry.
  • Dracolin. Especially when he's around children. To give you an example, after Dracolin burns down a Yoshi village, he starts to chase after a bunch of Yoshi kids and even crushes one of them to death. And then he finds all the other kids hiding in a cave and comments about how wonderful it felt crushing the Yoshi. And this is what he calls "entertainment."
  • The massacre on Yoshi's Island. It's frightening that an island so peaceful and joyful could be exposed to so much violence and death...
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  • Larry's death. He's virtually torn apart by Trowzer in a fit of rage and eventually succumbs to his wounds before anyone can even Mercy Kill him.

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