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Nightmare Fuel / Purple Days

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  • In the earlier loop, prior to his Character Development, Joffrey realizes, to his glee, that he was practically immortal. He takes that moment to relish the punishment he would mete onto his enemies and the reader could only read in horror to what this means.
  • Joffrey wasn't exactly sane in canon, which makes it shocking when he actually goes through Sanity Slippage. He attempts to kill himself through multiple means, including drinking Wildfire. When that doesn't stop the loop, he decides to simply become a Baratheon by removing what makes him a Lannister... namely, his hair and eyes. He scalps himself and cuts out his eyeballs, carries on a casual conversation with a very disturbed Sandor, until he finally stabs himself again.
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  • Ned's torture at Joffrey's hands. It ended with Ned's corpse being dismembered, his skin torn to pieces and face frozen in pain. It was so bad, that when his body was displayed in the Sept of Baelor, everyone went silent in horror, even Cersei. It makes what comes next almost cathartic. As his allies are taken down one by one, Joffrey comes to the realization that he might have gone a step too far. It ends with him being sold out by his own guards, then beaten, slowly, by a vengeful Robb.
  • Whatever the Warlock saw in the bone tablet reduced the man into a blubbering, pissing mess; it was so horrifying, he could only beg for Joffrey's forgiveness before stabbing himself to death.
  • Despite appearing in person only once, Euron Greyjoy is easily recognized as The Dreaded- while in the House of the Undying, a Warlock is Driven to Suicide simply for having a vision of Euron's ship.
  • In in Yi-Ti Arc, Joffrey and the Dawn Legion encounters a seemingly deserted village and is immediately suspicious. They are then ambushed by shadow wielding cultists, who with a simple touch, melt your eyes and internal organs into goo. They then proceeded to take down the legion until there were only a few men standing. The worst part? They were wannabes, not even strong enough to join the actual Cultists. And when Joffrey does encounter the actual members, they made the wannabes and the Warlocks of Qarth look like street magicians.
  • In the same arc, the moment when he realizes the wights the army's fighting carry Westerosi banners, meaning that by then, the continent has likely already fallen.
  • The end of the Yi-Ti Arc. A very detailed description of what happens when The White Walkers take over the world. He had to watch his subordinates die one by one due to lack of supplies. Despite being the beacon of hope to the (probably) last group of living humans on Planetos, he had thoughts of just killing himself to restart the loop. Instead, he soldiers on and leads them to one Last Stand. He then watches his remaining friends die and was about to be turned into a White Walker himself, if not for the bomb he managed to set off at the last minute. As he dies, he finds out that The Purple had been damaged by the White Walker's blade. The Purple, an Eldritch phenomenon that defied understanding, broke. Even after it fixed itself Joffrey realized that he came extremely close to achieving a permanent death, becoming nothing more than a shambling dead thing with no memories of himself.
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  • The Skirmish at the Riverlands; War Is Hell indeed. Made worse when Joffrey states that it could have been avoided if certain lords did not choose Revenge Before Reason.
  • What happened to Nalia after Joffrey discovers that she had been spying on him for Baelish all that time. At least Baelish had a quick death via a fall. Nalia had no such luck.
    • What's more, it's never made clear if Nalia was in on Littlefinger's plan and manipulating Joffrey from the beginning, or if Littlefinger just found out about their relationship and forced her to do his bidding or else he'd kill her. She likely never stood a chance.
  • In Chapter 31, following the deaths of Ned and Bran, Sansa comes to the conclusion that Joffrey will kill her and Arya if they don't please him. To that end, she tries to seduce him, all while clearly being terrified out of her mind, with her eyes being described as both sad and scared. Joffrey himself seems as though he's going to throw up when he realizes what she's doing (he explicitly covers his mouth and gags). Then, it somehow gets even worse, because Sansa, while bawling her eyes out in desperation, then says that if he wants she can have Arya helping them too. At that point, Joffrey has Pycelle put her to sleep with essence of nightshade and concludes that this loop is already screwed.
  • Joff's second expedition to Valyria with Tyrion and Sandor. When they manage to find refuge in the ruins of an estate, they keep finding charred corpses, including that of a sorcerer who tried to protect the estate from the Doom. However, the disaster was so horrendous Joffrey openly doubts even Valyrian sorcerers could have protected anything even with hours of prep time.
    • Then the group reaches the Valyrian Agora, and finds the remains of Tommen's expedition. Joffrey's brief moment of triumph as he finds Brightroar is rapidly undercut when he inadvertently finds the dragon living in the place. Tyrion is almost immediately vaporized by the monster's flame breath, and Sandor barely manages to last any longer, terrified out of his wits to the end due to his pyrophobia. He ends up being eaten alive.
  • Joffrey's entire existence rapidly collapses into a nightmarish web of self-loathing, memories and PTSD if he loses sight of his current goal, whatever it may be, so he always struggles to keep his mind occupied. It's a sad and terrifying reminder that human minds simply aren't built to endure "Groundhog Day" Loop trials.
  • Joffrey discovers that the Purple is a defense mechanism against a cyclical extinction event that the planet experiences regularly. The Long Night has rendered several sapient species and advanced civilizations extinct already with just a few mysterious artefacts remaining.
    • The ruins also state he must use a "connector" on a "secondary module" to fully repair/activate the Purple. While the original "connector" was lost, the Purple successfully transferred its properties upon Brightroar. The "secondary module" was created normally, but due to the loss of the original "connector" it has not properly synched with Joff, who, horrified, realizes the "module" is another person - and the act of synching will make whoever it is follow Joffrey through his immortal looping existence, something he wouldn't wish on his worst enemy. The very next sentence tells him exactly who it is.
  • In the first loop after discovering Sansa is to be his companion through the Purple, Joffrey tries to kill himself to spare him and Sansa the pain of an explanation of the future, hoping that she would forget everything when the loop reset. To get him to stop, Sansa steps in the river and threatens to drown herself if he goes through with it, stopping him in his tracks... until a wave comes out of nowhere and drags her under. Joffrey is barely able to get her out of the water and save her. The entire sequence from beginning to end is as terrifying as can be.
  • How the Royal Guardsmen deals with rapists and murderers in their ranks. There were not offered the choice of either a clean execution or the Black, but are instead stoned to death by their angry comrades.
  • In-Universe Example: This is what Joffrey's Royal Guards and Raiders are fast becoming for the Tyrell-Baratheon forces. Joffrey tactics involves lightning raids to their supplies, which makes them seem like they are appearing out of thin air. In another raid Joffrey leads a team where they strangle the soldiers while they sleep, while setting up fire bombs due to burst once they all leave. The result, an entire camp woken to the sight of strangled guards and dead comrades before their supplies begins to (mysteriously) burn. So effective are Joffrey's assaults that Renly's army of 100,000 men began to collapse due to low morale and desertions begins to spread all over, despite attempts by Randyll Tarly to stop them.
  • Melisandre's state after Stannis' death. Joffrey has her thrown into a Black Cell with the original intent to question her. However, she has been rendered insane and is in no state to answer questions, so he amuses himself by lighting braziers, which seem to make her lose her mind faster, and leaving her for Sansa to finish off. Disturbed by Joffrey's lingering sadism and his idea that she might share it, she quietly asks him to finish her off.
  • For Want of a Nail, since Ser Barristan was never forcibly retired, he was not there to stop Daenerys from being poisoned by the manticore. While she survived, the poisoned left her with a crippled, rotten arm and driven her insane. It's heavily implied she suffered a more severe form of Break the Cutie afterwards, saying she lost Viserys, Drogo, Missandei and that Daario betrayed her and more. That led her to burning every single city in Slaver's Bay. Gone was the kind, if somewhat self-righteous canon Dany, and in her place is Aerys II Reborn. Except this time she has dragons. Joffrey could only realize that the woman he had meet loops earlier is no longer there, instead she had become a mood-swinging lunatic, obsessed with getting what is hers and willing to burn all of Westeros for it.
  • The results of Sansa's training as a shadowbinder. When she's asked to execute a thief, the poor bastard has to see as Sansa basically rips the blood out of his body and absorbs it. Joff, no stranger to sadism and horror, is left aghast at Sansa's attitude after she has to go through with the execution.
    • Stygai. At the ceremony intended to confirm Sansa as a shadowbinder, a rival House sabotages the ritual and makes it so the demon she's expected to confront is much stronger and wilder than the originally intended one. Joff enters the city to help Sansa, only to witness the memory of the final battle of the last Cycle, and the spectre of the entity behind the White Walkers manifesting and lunging for him. He barely manages to leave it and Stygai behind.
      • The last day of Stygai is this. The entire city sacrificed themselves to destroy the Red Comet/the Cycle and it wasn't enough. And their fear and death cursed the place.
  • In the Asshai loop, Joff takes too long in taking the poison to reset the loop when the Others attack the Yellow Emperor's palace, even when Sansa tells him he has to kill himself already. Unfortunately, he lasts long enough for an Other to reach him, and for his consciousness to be drawn into the calamity's source - the Red Comet.
  • The Oxcross loop has pervading elements of this. Not only is Sansa seeing the atrocities of canon, she has to endure seeing people she knew could have become heroes and geniuses instead embrace the worst aspects of Westeros and become the vilest of monsters.
    • Later on, this expands to even Daenerys, who once again devolves into a lunatic tyrant. The last of her Sansa sees through the glass candle is her sitting on the Iron Throne, screaming "BURN THEM ALL!" as Barristan Selmy impales her on his sword. The next time Sansa uses the candle to spy on King's Landing, there's only a massive wildfire crater left.
  • In the final loop, Sansa reveals her parents the truth (with Ser Rodrik and Maester Luwin also present) and demonstrates her powers by opening a breach in reality to show them the Others advancing beyond the Wall. She manages to zero on the group that ambushed Will's Night Watch party and, at Ned's insistence, gets closer so they can take a good look at the horror to come. Then one of the Walkers notices them. Panic ensues when it comes at them while preventing Sansa from closing the window. Despite succeeding Just in Time, and Ned stepping forward with Ice in hand to protect his daughter, it manages to take a slash at her and although the resulting frost-covered injury looks worse than it actually is (as Sansa insists it didn't damage her soul and heals it easily), this rattles Ned hard enough that Sansa has to talk him out of calling his banners then and there.
  • Joffrey and Sansa's attempt to assassinate Daenerys to stop her from interfering with their plans is harrowing in and of itself, with Jorah, Viserion, and almost her entire Dothraki retinue dying to ensure her escape and Daenerys herself tearfully limping out of Qarth into the Red Wastes with the life slowly draining from her veins. Unfortunately, the plan backfires in the worst possible way, with Quaithe the shadowbinder trading her own life to save Daenerys', but not before Daenerys gets a good look at the White Walkers, the Cycle, and the incoming Long Night. All this sends her off the sanity slope one last time and she resolves to bathe the entire world in flames in order to deny the White Walkers the chance to claim all life for the Cycle. She starts with her ancestral home of Dragonstone, immolating it along with Lancel Lannister and a retinue of Joffrey's Royal Guard as a prelude to what she intends to do to rest of Westeros.
  • The implication that both the Cycle and the Purple share the same creators, potentially as a result of an ancient Civil War. This means that all the cyclical extermination of countless civilizations including their own, the functions and agendas of the Red Comet and the White Walkers, and even Joffrey and Sansa's own existence, are the products of a war between a faction of Abusive Precursors and another one of Benevolent Precursors. Joffrey and Sansa eventually takes control of the remnant of the Red Comet and flies off to uncover more of this mystery.