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Nightmare Fuel / Mythos Effect

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Let's just say it's not fun to be a Turian in this fic.

  • To begin, we have the conventional war on Shanxi. While the Turians are on the receiving end of a Curb-Stomp Battle from the very beginning, it gets worse once the higher ups get reports of several of the human Humongous Mecha literally eating their troops.
  • Later we get to see Tagers preforming boarding action against the Turian vessels in sort of a eldritch rehashing of Alien. It doesn't help the Tager symbiotes give their hosts a sadistic bloodlust.
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  • And then comes the night offensive on Shanxi:
  • Once the war begins in earnest (all the above stuff was just "the Relay 314 Incident") the human perspective almost disappears. Up until this point, the human portions, for lack of a better term, humanized the story, and kept it a little less horrific. Now, combined with the Turian Hierarchy firing shots in the dark and the more experienced and reasonable officers responsible for the surrender at Shanxi Reassigned to Antarctica, things are going to get even more bloody.
  • Adrien, a newbie to the fight against humanity, is left aghast and horrified when he watches three veteran soldiers nonchalantly spread a dead Turian's guts all over their armor to mask their smell.
    • Word Of God says - and now, a full-blown sidestory shows - that Julek, one of the veterans, apparently was present at the Fall of Apparitius, where after besieging the city for a week, NEF forces spread a Mind Rape spell on the Turians that caused them to hallucinate their worst fears, after which they attacked and massacred the defenders. Julek was one of the few survivors, who somehow managed to drag himself to friendly territory - only for his commander to give him a milquetoast congratulation and tell him to get ready and prepare to get sent back to the meatgrinder. He then interpreted all of his efforts as some giant cosmic joke, paired with the Joker's first laugh from The Killing Joke.
    On the plus side, (in his opinion) he's much happier now.
  • After Adrien's first major battle against humanity, one of the Tagers appears in his quarters in the middle of the night with intent to kill him and does kill several other soldiers before leaving. It's later revealed that dozens of other soldiers were killed the same way.
    • Arguably the worst part is that that was a secondary objective. The primary objective? Destroying the food and medicine stores, which they accomplished.