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Nightmare Fuel / Fellowship

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Fellowship has some very gruesome moments. Because this is still an on-going series, only a few will be listed here.

  • In chapter 12, Genie shows that she is able to manipulate air and turn her left hand into a chainsaw. The scary thing? Genie catches Guile off-guard in the battle, and she drives the chainsaw into Guile's chest and slowly drags it down to his abdomen. Guile happens to suffer this three times (with the third time being less graphic in terms of descriptions).
    • What makes it worse is that Genie resorts to attacking and eventually stomping the gashes.
    • It's also very chilling when Genie says, "Let's see how much more you can take." When she says that, she is crushing Guile's injured chest under her foot and preparing to cast that chainsaw spell at the same time.

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