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Nightmare Fuel / Knights of the Otherworld

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  • The fact that the Mirror Monsters are drawn to sources of high magic. This taking place in a fairytale world, almost anyone can be targeted at a moment’s notice! Especially the students at Ever After High!
  • The events of Legacy Day. Merlin warns the knights that this particular day which entails the students signing their stories in the Storybook of Legends is sure to be an enormous target for mirror monsters with all the magic built up between the decorations, the attendees, and the storybook itself. Lo and behold, when Raven declares her intentions as a rebel and refuses to sign, all hell breaks loose and an invasion of Shereghosts descends on the school!
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  • The battle between Ryuki and his Mirror World doppelgagger is the most brutal battle shown so far, easily harkening back to the darkness that the Ryuki series had. Raven is downright terrified as she watches.
  • Calibur Knight. Whoever she may be, she clearly has some form of connection to Camelot. She’s determined to see Arthur follow the story and it leads to her attempting to drown Raven!
    • Arguably, she's just as nightmarish as an ally. She is still as fanatical in her devotion to Arthur and after Raven saves her life, acting as Raven's handmaiden. This includes such things as being willing to poison Apple because she misunderstood Raven venting her frustrations!
  • The revelation of where the Rogue Decks are coming from. Whyte Knight is being backed by an as of now unnamed CEO of a large company who's only supplying the decks as part of a final field test before perfecting the designs. It will not be long before they can begin full production. The idea of someone selling Advent Decks straight off an assembly line can lead to all sorts of troubling implications...
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  • When Wise Knight is defeated by Darling, he’s forced to flee to the Mirror World where Tristan and Kyle are waiting for him. They easily dispatch him and take the Rogue’s Advent Deck. Kyle, shockingly enough, is perfectly willing to leave the unarmed human unconscious to the mercy of the Mirror World. Even Tristan is shocked by this! Bear in mind, Kyle is the one wielding Ohja’s armor so one might interpret this as him becoming more like the dark rider in cannon. What makes this worse is that there is clearly no shortage of individuals willing to kill in Ever After it seems so having it be one of our valiant Knights of the Round Table is simply off-putting.
  • From the looks of things, the Kamen Riders can go out of control when they get too angry. This is indicated by the eyes of their helmets glowing. When Ben is fighting Marine Knight, his visor glows blue and he is about to kill the Rogue when Meeshell stops him. And this happens again with Kyle when he’s rescuing Duchess from Bartimeus and he gets a purple glow in his mask. Had it not for Duchess, Bartimeus would've been dissolved by Ohja's poison!
  • This one may come off as obvious to some but it still needs to be addressed. Contract monsters have to be fed a steady diet of magic and or life force in order to keep them sated and tamed. This is shown when Merlin accidentally misplaces Wise Knight's Rogue Deck which winds up being found by Dexter. What follows is the mirror monster not being fed which leads to the contract being broken! So now Nightwise is on the loose and is gunning for Dexter because he was the one holding the deck box at the time! Nightwise then makes like the animal they are based on and stalks Dexter waiting for the right moment to strike. And of course, it pounces during Dexter's date with Cupid at the movies! Dexter is dragged into the mirror world and when Ryuki, Knight, and Imperor arrive to help, Nightwise shrieks out calling in a mob of shereghosts! Thankfully the riders come out victorious but if they hadn't arrived, Dexter would've been doomed!
    • The moment Nightwise calls for help raises a startling implication. Before mirror monsters would work together only if they were of the same or similar species but here is one calling in help from a different group! This could imply that the monsters are growing in intelligence or the sheregosts were simply following the will of the superior predator. Either way it perfectly showcases how dangerous a contract monster running rampant can be!
  • Blade Knight and Lash Knight deserve mention for how depraved they are. They both desire to collect their own harems and are completely shameless in how perverse they act. Blade Knight wants to collect a harem of princesses and openly asks if Nina’s purity has been taken. Lash knight carries herself as a dominatrix who implies she has already amassed a “collection”. Even Rob is floored that such people exist in a seemingly wholesome fairytale world.
    • What happens to Blade Knight is the result of a contract being broken. When Rob/Scissors accidentally shatters Blade Knight's Advent Deck when their Final Vents clashed, in a reversal of Scissors’ fate, this causes his Terabiter to attack and eat him. There's no blood and gore, but his screams of horror and agony as he's dissolved and sucked up by his ex-monster was enough to force Lash Knight to flee and even caused Rob to suffer from PTSD. Even Gabe, who wasn't there, is terrified when he learns of this, and loses confidence to become Gai.

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