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Nightmare Fuel / The Kirita Chronicles

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Due to this being a fanfiction story involving a Death game, you can expect there to be quite a bit of nightmare fuel throughout the story.

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    Story Arc One: What Happened Before 

Chapter Three

  • The fact that Po H was already a psychotic player even before the events of Sword Art Online.


    Story Arc Two: Welcome to the Death Game 

Chapter Four

  • The mysterious player that is stalking Kazuta who became more interested in her because he found out she was actually a female player disguised as a male player.

Chapter Five

  • The description of Coper's death in the real world. No only did he die with his brain being destroyed by the Nerve Gear, but he died in front of his family. His parents and little brother witness the Nerve Gear destroy his mind before their eyes.

Chapter Nine

  • Kira tying up Kirita's legs during a boss fight nearly results in her head being smashed. Not only does Kira not face any consequences but she is completely unrepentant.
  • Diabel's death in both the virtual world and real world.

    Story Arc Three: Rise of the Guilds 

Chapter Ten

  • It is evoked during the omake along with some Fridge Horror in regards to Po H's use of the Recording Crystal.

Chapter Twenty

  • Akio nearly dying during the fight against the Third Floor field boss.
    Story Arc Four: Forging Connections 

Chapter Twenty-Three

  • Sugou Nobuyuki wants to take custody of Kazuta - because he has found about Kayaba's interest in her, and it is implied he may want to use her for his canon Mind Control experiments. And he would have no problem with revealing her real life ties to Kayaba if that were to allow him to get what he wants...

Chapter Twenty-Five

  • Kirita's nightmare where Akio dies. Afterwards, she can only remember that the end of the nightmare was horrible.

Chapter Twenty-Seven

  • Kirita has a second nightmare about Akio dying.