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Nightmare Fuel / Umei No Mais Unchained

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  • The very opening bluntly shows what kind of Adult Fear it will unleash on the readers: Izuna abducts Tobirama, reveals she's a woman and intent on making him the father of her children, and refusing will get him and his cousin Touka killed. Oh, and he needs to decide his course of action now as Izuna's father Tajima is coming back soon from battle and he won't certainly be nice to a couple of Senju prisoners.
    • Touka's situation is no less horrifying: she's stolen from the battlefield and her legs broken, to be used as blackmail material to force her younger cousin into letting one of their enduring foes bed him. She can do nothing about it, and she's even threatened with permanent maiming.
    • But the worst of all is that Izuna is playing nice. As she reveals it, she could have merely kidnapped Tobirama and kept him chained to the wall, granting him the bare necessities as long as he lets her rape him and shared military intelligence. The mere possibility is enough to drive Tobirama into a panic attack.
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    • Also, this isn't the first time a Uchiha woman decided she wanted a pretty Senju concubine, as Izuna casually regales Tobirama and Touka with the story of Uchiha Biei-Fuji stealing Senju Kabema.
  • Izuna warns Tobirama she's his and Touka's best protector, as several Uchiha kinsmen are rather unhappy about their continued living. Indeed, someone attempts to leave a trap package in the Diplomatic Quarters and Uchiha Taka later confronts Tobirama with obviously hostile intentions and barely relents on them.
  • If Madara's heirs being from Tobirama's bloodline still isn't enough to halt the feud with the Senju, Izuna will convince her brother to plead the Uchiha's case in front of the Daimyo. Feodal politics being what they are, it's extremely likely it will end up with the Senju being exterminated for harassing the significantly higher-status Uchiha.
  • How Izuna activated her Mangekyou — Senju assassins broke into the compound to put an end to Tajima's bloodline, leading them to murder kids in their beds. Izuna was splattered with her brother's blood and she and Saburou barely escaped with their lives.
    • Following this incident, Tajima gave his youngest surviving son to his sister to be raised and dressed the nine-year-old Izuna as a boy in order to protect them.
  • After meeting Saburou — who shares a baffling resemblance to him — Tobirama is left to wonder if his father Butsuma had sexually assaulted Tajima's wife. Fortunately, it wasn't the case but it's still very clear that having the same face than one of their most dreaded opponents on the battlefield forced Saburou to limit his interactions with his own family.
  • Since they weren't informed of the true events, the Senju conclude Tobirama and Touka have been killed by the Uchiha. For Hashirama, it means he lost his last surviving sibling, leading him to have a traumatic breakdown on the battlefield.
  • Izuna explaining why the Uchiha loathe necromancy:
    "The soul has no escape from it without help. How would you feel Tobirama, if after having died I called you back? And, being now dead, you were unable to disobey my every whim?"
    • She also explains that the Uchiha burn their dead because they genuinely fear they would rise from their graves otherwise. Tobirama muses he will have quite vivid nightmares after that.
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  • Izuna briefly hesitates before letting Tobirama learn cord braiding, for the same reasons as she denied him any access to pointy ustensils: it would give him a weapon, either to assault his captors... or to commit suicide.

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