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Nightmare Fuel / Of Gemstones and Watches

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Happy Halloween indeed...

Ben 10's body horror + RWBY's monstrosities = this, apparently.

Unmarked spoilers below!

  • Ben's fear at seeing a Grimm for the first time.
  • Zombozo's monstrous form.
    • Zombozo is given a hefty body count before Ben even encounters him.
  • Some of Kevin's alien forms;
    • Savage Garden, Kevin's Wildvine, is portrayed as a snarling beast that's more like a Vulpimancer than a Florauna.
    • Black Sabbath, Kevin's Ghostfreak, doesn't have the ability to go intangible or invisible, but instead, phase through things and destroy them.
    • Brass Monkey's transformation should say a lot: "Although, I gave them a nicer treatment than what I'm about to give to you," Kevin gave an empty, predatory smile, as his body started to contort and mutate. Massive spider legs broke out of Kevin's skull, and lifted him off the ground.
    • His version of Eatle apparently gets bigger the more it eats, and has lots of teeth which it can use as projectiles.
    • His version of Upchuck, "Eat The Rich", takes the Gourmand endless hunger Up to Eleven, and can even absorb food directly into its body.
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  • Chapter 13 ends with Kevin's wrist producing its own Omnitrix and Psyphon appearing at his door to cut it out...
  • Chapter 14 has future Animo becoming a hive mind and harvesting Kevin's dead body for alien DNA.
  • Chapter 16 features the delightful image of Ruby's flesh melting over her eyes, thanks to Charmcaster.
  • Chapter 18:
    • Steam Smythe is willing to keep going ahead with his plans even when its made clear that if he succeeds, a lot of people are going to die.
    • Kevin has been on the run since Chapter 13, avoiding the bounty hunters for God knows how long. Adult Fear, much?
  • Chapter 19 gives us a quick appearance of Salem. And she's much worse in this universe, from the way the author describes her.
    • From the chapter:
    After being forced to live a lonely, isolated life by her cruel father, she somehow managed to escape. Her quiet vengeance upon her people was terrifying, for after all, magic and life had been intertwined, one refusing to live without the other. Why did she hate them? Truthfully, the historians aren't sure; some hypothesize it was because they used their gifts as second nature and not first. But her reasoning for wiping out all magical activities on Earth? None can say. She took out herself with it, and it would take years until human life would return. Magic was rejuvenated on Earth during the time of the 1600s, but that was a failure; witches and wizards alike were burnt alive for their gifts.
    • Earlier on in the chapter, Kevin and Max investigate a crashed car. There isn't a driver in sight, and suddenly, blood starts dripping from the sky...they look up to see the sky devouring the driver.
    • The horrifying ink monster that Charmcaster creates.
  • Sublimino very briefly controls Ben in Alien X form. It's incredibly lucky that he never discovered Alien X's true power...
    • Similarly, when he controls Gwen, she somehow manages to pull some spells out nowhere that makes her powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with Ben and Ruby at once.
  • Ben's savage beatdown of the undead Zombozo.
  • Vilgax is given a terrifying new power in Gemstones; regeneration. The way he reforms after being forced apart each time is horrifying on its own.
  • Raven seems to have taken an interest in Ben for some reason, battling his 12-year-old self. When Ben wakes up, he initially thinks it was a dream before noticing the raven staring at him...
  • It's implied that Ceres is a former Child Soldier, who outright states that she has severe PTSD about her experiences, who joined the Plumbers thinking she'd be working with engineering, only for Max's superiors to basically force her into working with the Zeta Squadron group.
  • Tyrian is just as Ax-Crazy as in canon. If Ben had been a little slower turning into Swampfire, Tyrian would have taken his Omnitrix arm clear off!
  • Someone is selling Dust weaponry to mundane criminals, which is a disaster waiting to happen.
  • Roman was dangerous enough in canon, but here he apparently has a Compelling Voice Semblance.
  • Roman is working with Servantis on some kind of plan, and the latter hates Ben just like in canon...
  • Manny and Helen just woke up in their alien-hybrid forms, with a year-long gap in their memories,
  • The drug Psyphon gave Manny and Helen to allow them to temporarily become fully human again was not only less effective than advertised, but Rook's scans indicate that they were lucky to be alive after using it for as long as they did.
  • Psyphon mentions that he couldn't find Vilgax's body...
  • Ben and Ruby are scary when they've been woken up in the middle of the night.
  • Lord Haslett is a cult leader who has the power to make people relive their worst fears when they breathe in the air around his body. He ends up very dead thanks to pissing off Kylie.
    • Despite Ceres' quick recovery from the gas, she still ends up getting tortured by it.
    • Kylie's reaction at the end really sells it. Even long after Haslett is dead and she's out of ammo, Kylie still fires her weapon as if it's still loaded...
    • Weiss' worries are very much justified at the end too, when Kylie acts like nothing happened.
    • Despite his defeat, he mentioned a "master" who's still at large...
  • "Crystal Dolphin", Psyphon's drug, is made from Kevin's tissues, apparently harvested and cloned by him and Animo from when they had Kevin captive. Kevin is so horrified by the realization that he collapses due to the reasons described below.
  • Kevin's body has started to slowly reject the AntiTrix, in a similar way to how people develop allergies to pollen and such as they get older and their immune systems start failing them. And it's intertwined itself so deeply into his immune system that even attempting to remove it could cause serious damage. Ceres has to create Doppler, this universe's version of Skurd, to try and keep him and the AntiTrix from killing each other while they work on a solution, which also causes him to lose most of his aliens and forces him to reduce the number and duration of his transformations. And considering the rumors of others trying to create Omnitrix Evil Knockoffs that went horribly wrong that have been brought up a few times, he might actually be lucky.
  • Animo's Goop clones have human organs inside of them instead of the anti-gravity UFO. It doesn't help that their slime is black, Kevin feels like he's in a horror film trying to deal with them when they infiltrate, and views taking them out as a Mercy Kill.
  • While most of the group wasn't affected too badly when Animo splices them with different aliens using his mutant ray, Ruby in particular loving her Petrosapien arm (perhaps a bit too much, given how she's found out how to turn it into a scythe), Max's left arm is just a green stump.
  • Albedo is apparently working for Salem, who isn't as dead as was previously assumed...
  • Albedo's Big Chill form nearly manages to freeze Weiss and Ceres to death.
  • Ben and Albedo's final clash does a lot of damage to the forest around them, and while Ben narrowly defeats Albedo, the latter implies that he's still got a few tricks up his sleeve and that he was purposefully holding back...
  • This video was posted promoting Chapter 34. The use of Mr. Fear by SIAMES works perfectly with the imagery...
  • Zs'Skayr seems to be some kind of demon or dark god in this universe, complete with cultists, some of whom that he's empowered with abilities similar to those of his canon servants. And Chapter 34 ends with him apparently free...
  • Khufu has half of his brain exposed. Kylie and Weiss's screaming is well understandable.
  • Dr. Viktor went from a normal human scientist/cultist to his canon form, ripped Max's arm off, and either killed him or sent him to the Null Void.
    • The reveal of his Viktor's mutated form was apparently inspired by the reveal of King Crimson from Vento Aureo.
  • Zs'Skayr torments Ben with nightmares in the wake of Max's death.
  • When Zs'Skayr finally gets control of Ben's Ghostfreak form, he hops around the room possessing Roman's goons, doing things like phasing pieces of crates into their limbs, making them hallucinate nightmares, attack their allies...
  • Zs'Skayr escaping from Ben and revealing his true form.
  • Ceres' description of how Ectonurites are effectively immortal is this both in-universe and out, especially when she makes it clear that Ben is lucky to have survived at all. The fact that Ben somehow still has Ghostfreak as a transformation just adds to it.
  • Zs'Skayr starts possessing the Zeta Squad members. Though Kylie's Aura allows her to resist, and Ruby fights him off entirely for the same reason, he then takes over Tyrian, noting that Aura can't protect you when you're unconscious...
  • Apparently Kylie can make mustard gas.
  • When he was trapped in the Omnitrix, Zs'Skayr actually managed to gain enough control to briefly take over Ben and contact is allies.
  • Zs'Skayr's jabs cause Tyrian to go ballistic on a random bystander, brutally murdering them and ripping them to shreds.
    • Chapter 39 reveals that he murdered several other people on his way back to Salem, and he shows up at her lair covered in blood. Neo actually hides behind Albedo at the sight of him.
  • Servantis and his goons are willing to use Psyphon's drug to boost themselves enough to fight Ben and company, and the transformation process is rather horrific.
  • Servantis uses his enhanced powers to torment Ben and apparently cause a Body Horror episode similar to what Kevin went through thanks to Animo and Psyphon before leading him into the path of a train.
  • Leander's bomb-making powers are enhanced by "Crystal Dolphin" to the point where Ceres is honestly concerned that he could destroy the entire town, though she luckily manages to talk him down... by telling him what Ben would do to him, given that he'd probably survive the blast...
  • When Ruby first saw Clockwork's powers, Rook implied that something bad would happen if she touched the image of her past self. We see what he meant when Servantis is subjected to it as punishment for his crimes, and he's trapped in a Stable Time Loop of his interrogation.
  • Ceres's home planet has giant centipedes, which she uses instead of a Grimm when Port asks her what her first Grimm was, since she hasn't fought any yet. Apparently they're so dangerous that death row inmates are sent kill them and harvest their parts, which has some unnerving implications regarding the reason Ceres fought them...
  • Tyrian bursting into Salem's castle. He begs for forgiveness, but when denied, he savagely tears into her. Even more disturbing, Salem is calm during the entirety of these events and then has Breach send him into her pocket dimension.
  • Just the fact that Breach exists in this universe. Are Van Kleiss and the rest of the Pack in this universe and working with Salem too?
  • Kylie's hometown was attacked by Grimm, with her biological parents killed by a Seamstress Grimm, which apparently can suck the energy from their victims, draining them until they're nothing. Anna and Sienna saved her, but she was a wreck, and even after she recovered, she's still terrified at the thought of seeing another Seamstress, even joining the Plumbers in part to gain more experience in case she ever does.
  • Ben lets Velvet take several pictures of his aliens, including Ghostfreak. Considering what she did to Cardin with just Diamondhead (not that he didn't have it coming)...
  • If Min doesn't get blood every 24 hours, she'll either die or turn into a monster. She isn't sure which.
  • Cassidy's Semblance apparently lets her make people explode.
  • Salem once turned a member of her group to ash over a minor disagreement in a plan.
  • Psyphon gets a Neck Snap courtesy of a Salem-controlled Seer.
  • Summer Rose managed to hurt Salem, and Salem has been subjecting her to Cold-Blooded Torture for years as payback, even commissioning Hope to make a room that keeps her from dying from her injuries or killing herself by refusing to eat or drink.
  • The way Albedo transforms into Ultimate forms is...unnerving. Pieces of the base alien break off like pieces of an eggshell, revealing the ultimate form underneath.
  • Neo's description of Salem;
    Neo felt there was a strange paradox surrounding Salem. Her voice didn’t come off as threatening, but her design suggested something demonic. Even when Salem got angry and yelled, she sounded more like a mother lecturing her children rather than a beast holding a knife to your throat. This all felt unnerving, despite Salem's role as their leader...and a mass murderer.
    That’s what made Neo scared; When a villain can keep themselves level-headed even when things go horribly awry, they are the kind of people to be absolutely afraid of, even more so than the villains who lose their minds screaming and yelling at the drop of a hat.
  • Just the Archemedian/Incursion war:
    • The Incursions had no qualms about using Way Bads on civilian cities, causing massive casualties for kicks.
    • They also had a Shoot the Medic First habit, and there was never enough anesthesia. Ari often had to amputate limbs in these conditions. Repeatedly.
    • When Ceres learned that green recruits were going to be sent into sent into the front lines, she desperately tried to disable the Incursions with a new weapon, but it was more potent than expected and she inadvertently committed genocide. And was congratulated for it by pretty much the rest of the universe. Even worse, after she destroyed the weapon and all her notes, some corrupt government officials tried to intimidate and interrogate the information on it out of her, and she was briefly sent to death row when that failed.
  • We get more lovely scenes of Cassidy exploding people, and learn that her Semblance allows her to absorb kinetic energy as well.
  • The Forever Knight is implied to be from the canon Ben 10 timeline, wishing revenge for his defeats at the hand of Ben's counterpart.
  • Adam is much more unhinged in this world, apparently. The story takes inspiration from the DC Comics run of RWBY, specifically Blake's story about Adam, and dials up his tendencies. Especially when he quotes someone...
    Adam: Everybody's guilty! They just haven't had a chance to make fun of me!
    • Thankfully, Adam is already dead by the present... because during Blake’s fight with him during what would have been the Black trailer has him fall and get run over by the train’s wheels.
  • Penny is nice, but scary in combat.
  • Cardin's Semmblance, "Active Burn", causes intense pain in wounds he inflicts.
  • The Grimm Child, from Birthween. It depicts a young girl unwillingly getting her brother possessed by a Grimm, and then having that Grimm murder her entire town...while saving her for last.
  • Salem tormenting Summer during Birthween.
    Salem: “I was tempted to send you marching home, appearing to your daughters as a ghost. They would’ve been confused at first, but then they'll rush to hug you...And they'd feel a Chill run down their spine."
  • Breach. Just, Breach. Her first appearance is her sending a bunch of crewmates on board a ship to her "dollhouse". And if you're a Generator Rex fan, you know how scary that place is.
  • Cinder manages to impale Ben with an arrow, and he barely manages to survive.
  • Apparently Ozpin felt it when he was atomized it after being revived.
  • The Brother Gods are so powerful that not even a Celestialsapien has the power to break Salem's curse and make her mortal again.


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