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Ben sighed. "Just shut up already. You're the most pathetic person I've met in my life, and I am wasting my breath on you. The last thing I need right now is listening to trash like you, let alone beating you to a pulp. But if you want to take me down, feel free to try… as long as you don't mind a painful defeat."

The fast paced action of RWBY + the powers of Ben 10 = a lot of awesome moments.
  • Ben managing to beat the massive robot in Chapter 1 faster than he did in canon.
  • Chapter 2:
    • Eatle goes head to head with the mammoth, and defeats relatively easier than Fourarms did.
    • Ruby manages to both smash the hamster underneath the shelf and also take out the mutant parakeet with a staff.
    • Astrodactyl vs the T-Rex.
  • Chapter 3: Ben using Water Hazard to melt the Limax away.
  • Chapter 4:
    • Ben using Heatblast's sickness to his advantage, freezing Clancy solid.
    • Ruby bites Animo on the throat.
    • Ben uses Upgrade to safely ensnare Max's mutated form.
  • Chapter 5: Brass Monkey vs Echo Echo. He preforms his first Wall of Sound here. Somewhat overshadowed by the guilt accompanying it.
  • Chapter 7: Ben vs Zombozo. Ben was originally overcome with fear, but the sight of seeing a younger child being drained of their energy...made him snap. Ghostfreak manages to mess him up even MORE in this canon.
    • Ben also manages to take out the Circus Freaks as XLR 8, before they could even make a move.
  • Chapter 8: Ruby dumps Michelle's cauldron on top of her head.
  • Chapter 9-10 shows us Ruby's true nature;
    • Ruby manages to take out Steam Smythe with relative ease.
    • Apparently the reason Ruby went on the trip in the first place was because she threw a robber through a window.
    • Ruby and Ben taking out the Nevermore.
  • Ben handing Cardin's ass to him in Chapter 11.
    • Later on, Yang handing Ben's ass to him; she went toe to toe with Cannonbolt, an alien that could survive reentry into the atmosphere and took down a giant planet-killing bug...and won!
    • The kids taking out some Grimm at the latter half of the chapter.
  • Ben and Ruby vs Kevin in Framed Parts 1 and 2;
    • Ruby manages to hold her own against Radiohead, Aerosmith and Savage Garden.
    • Anna vs Aerosmith.
    • Kevin manages to show off his CombatPragmatist side, especially when he catches everyone off guard with his Sting transformation.
  • Ben 10k has a lot of awesome moments;
    • In his first scene, he uses Humungousaur to take down Animo's mutated squid monster.
    • Ben uses Gravattack to force an entire army into the ground.
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    • Ben 10k's Shock Rock is apparently the size of the High Override, and he manages to wipe out an entire forest and Animo's army with a snap of his fingers.
  • Gwen gets a big one in Chapter 16; she manages to trick Charmcaster into thinking she has magic powers by using Slapback to weigh Charmcaster down. When the ruse is revealed, Gwen tries to call her bluff again- and then she does actual magic. On accident.
    • Slapback's debut is pretty fun; he uses two smaller clones like soccer balls and kicks them at Clancy.
  • Ben and Ruby vs the "Yenaldooshi". Ben manages to show off some of Wildvine's powers.
  • Ruby vs Khyber; she manages to best a hunter well over her age without a sweat.
    • Ben using the Omnitrix's self defense protocol to his advantage against Kraab.
  • Ben using Ghostfreak to go all out on Zombozo again, destroying his body in the process.
  • Psyphon manages to destroy Ben's body as Echo Echo, but he reforms his body and shows off his true form...and kicks Psyphon's ass.
  • Ben vs Vilgax. The fight draws from Secrets and Omni-Tricked.
    • Ben uses his entire playlist to lay into Vilgax, and shows off what he's learned over the summer.
    • Heatblast goes through a Super Sayian powerup, his fires changing from orange to blue.
  • Ruby gets a few of these before her reveal;
    • Her reaction to first seeing Heatblast before she finds out that its Ben is to blast him with a fire extinguisher.
    • Ruby manages to smash Animo's mutant hamster underneath a shelf without using her weapon.
    • Later in the same chapter, Ruby fends off Animo's mutant parrot.
    • Ruby also bites Animo on the neck in Chapter 4.
  • Ben is attacked by Tyrian, but he manages to transform into Swampfire just in time to avoid losing an arm, and clearly has the advantage during the fight, and even pretends that Tyrian's poison is affecting him more than it actually is so Tyrian will let his guard down and let some information slip.
  • Team RWBY shows off some skills in Chapter 29, taking out some androids with style and ease.
    • Everyone gets a cool moment towards the end by taking down Fistrick- hell, Kylie even breaks through the glass with her plague doctor mask!
  • Humungousaur vs Way Big Psyphon has Ben showing off one of his strongest forms.
  • Kylie obliterating Lord Haslett.
    • Ben's use of Bloxx and Shock Rock shows how creative he can be.
  • Ruby quickly sees through Albedo's Ben disguise and manages to get away from him by using Ice Dust to send his speedster form slamming into a tree at 300 mph.
    • Kevin manages to handle Albedo's Diamondhead better in this universe, thanks to the help from Blake.
    • Yang and Kylie hold their own against Albedo's Swampfire.
    • Rook and Ari, despite their shock, manage to take down Albedo's Rath.
    • Ceres manages to overwhelm Albedo's Big Chill, with Weiss' assistance.
  • Ben vs Albedo:
    • Albedo manages to counter Ben's Slapback strategy by transforming into Gravattack- Ben counters that strategy by turning into Echo Echo and preforming a close range Echo Chamber.
    • Ben and Albedo manage to channel Izuku and Shoto during their last showdown as Heatblast and Fasttrack.
  • Ben and Kevin working together to take out a massive group of cultists.
  • Ben building a sun gun to use against Zs'skayr.
  • Zs'skayr gets some rather twisted moments in his battle with the Zeta Squad and Team RWBY;
    • He manages to possess Rook and use his agile nature against the group. He plays dirty by occasionally popping out of his body to access his other powers.
    • When he takes over Tyrian, he manages to knock out Kylie, Weiss and Blake out, and go toe to toe with Bashmouth.
  • Ruby slicing off the tail of a Zs'Skayr possessed Tyrian when he attacks Ben.
  • Albedo calling out Servantis on being a Hypocrite.
  • Ben tricking Servantis into an Engineered Public Confession, and using Blitzwolfer's sense of smell to detect the real Servantis through his illusions.
  • Ben has to fight Cardin without his aliens, and Cardin is itching for payback after Ben intimidated him with Diamondhead earlier when he was trying to take Velvet's camera. Cardin gets demolished by Ben, who incorporates his soccer skills into his fighting style. Even Ruby is surprised, having never seen him fight like that in human form before.
  • Maria calling Ben out for not having an Aura and activates his Aura herself.
  • Velvet using her Semblance and some photos of Diamondhead to scare Cardin out of his wits!
  • Emerald and Hope are planning to leave Salem. That takes guts.
  • Albedo destroying a group of Grimm with his Ultimate forms.
    • Albedo casually destroying Psyphon and the others with his evolved Galvan form- unlike canon, Albedo's Ultimate form instead can create life from basic objects, which he uses to overwhelm his attackers.
      Psyphon: What in God's name?!
      Albedo: God had nothing to do with this.
  • Cass's Semblance allows her to explode objects- she displays this by exploding someone's head in battle.
  • Taiyang completely pummels Roman when he stops being a Play-Along Prisoner.
  • Ben is actually fairly wealthy, maybe even more so than Weiss if his wealth was in Earth currency, because of he and Max suing the pants off of various aliens who made unlicensed rip-offs of his adventures. And then pummeling the aliens behind the rip-offs.
  • Although Winter and Clover soundly defeat Ruby, Kevin, and Kylie in their demonstration, they get a few hits in, and are smart enough to hang back while the other students rush in and get pummeled.


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