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Nightmare Fuel / Crowns of the Kingdom

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  • Maleficent's spell that starts the whole story. It's described in great detail, and its effects nearly doom all of Disneyland.
  • The realm of Inpotentia, a place where discarded, forgotten, or unthought of ideas go. Characters trapped in there have to remind themselves who they are every second or else they'd disappear completely.
  • The Dispirations, creatures who are unspoken and forgotten thoughts given being. One tells Maleficent that there are countless numbers of them.
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  • Mickey and Donald nearly drowning while being attacked by Dispirations in the Submarine Lagoon.
  • The Disney Villains summon Chernabog. He proceeds to nearly wipe out the park before being stopped.
  • The final battle with Maleficent has her nearly kill Mickey at several points.


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