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Awesome / Crowns of the Kingdom

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Spoilers Off applies to all Awesome pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • The Queen of Hearts giving Mickey her crown to help him remember.
  • Goofy throwing everyone across the river. Including himself.
  • Aurora offering her crown to help Mickey.
    • Wart agreeing to give Mickey his crown when Aurora's is deemed too dangerous to work.
  • Donald manning the submarine to escape a giant squid.
  • Mad Madame Mim bursting into Maleficent's throne room to yell at her—and offer to join her.
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  • The montage of everyone preparing to fight. Skippy the rabbit attached steel washers to the carousel, Princes Charming and Philip were swordfighting, Lady Kluck was giving the princesses self-defense lessons, and Uncle Scrooge was instructing the Seven Dwarfs on construction of a defense outpost.
  • Si and Am taunting Maleficent over the fact that she can't get rid of Mickey, then offering to help her because they have experience handling mice.
  • Shere Khan motivating the Disney villains to work together.
  • The Queen of Hearts acting as The Mole to help the heroes.
  • The concert to un-brainwash King Louie ends with him defeating a giant tree Dispiration singlehandedly.
  • Tinker Bell's reconnaissance mission.
  • The Disney Princesses storm the Matterhorn to rescue their boyfriends, armed with sports equipment and kitchen utensils.
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  • Prince Charming bluffing the villains into letting Snow White, Aurora, Bashful, and Dopey go.
  • The Disney villains summon Chernabog. Despite being a god of evil, he's defeated.
  • Mickey defeating Maleficent with help from Minnie.
  • The ending of the story, as everyone believes in Mickey and Minnie to restore them from nonexistence.