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Awesome / A Crown of Stars

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Page for Awesome moments of A Crown of Stars:

  • Shinji punching his father. And then Asuka coming along and knocking Gendo out. So satisfactory to both.
  • Alright, Rei's Clingy Jealous Girl behavior and actions made things worse... but you have to admit that being able to block an inter-dimensional gate opened by a Physical God and spread an AT Field beyond the Moon's orbit is damned impressive.
  • The seizing of Buenos Aires. The "rock concert" plan to lure the army into the stadium was insanely crazy... and cool and imaginative.
    • And they had an actual concert afterwords; the highlight being when Shinji was cajoled into playing a few pieces on the Cello in front of the crowd With Asuka playing a Violin alongside him.
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  • Misato in Power Armor leading her troops to take the UN Fleet.


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