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Funny / Crowns of the Kingdom

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  • Goofy throws himself across a river thanks to cartoon physics.
  • Maleficent thinking that the pinnacle of Lady Tremaine's ambitions were to be Prince Charming's mother-in-law.
  • Maleficent considering asking Queen Grimhilde's help, but realizing that it'd be impossible to get her away from her mirror for more than 20 minutes.
  • Mad Madame Mim bursting into Maleficent's throne room to yell at her—and offer to join her.
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  • Minnie asking Mickey that if she's his best girl, who are the other girls?
  • The Abraham Lincoln robot being stuck in a perpetual state of writing the Gettysburg Address, and asking Mickey for advice.
  • Mickey and the gang contact Maleficent, who is trapped in Inpotentia, via a séance. While Maleficent is giving Mickey information on how to undo the spell, she takes a second to mess with Mickey's head by lampshading their need to work together with a Double Entendre, which really disturbs Mickey.
    • The fact that the scéance is held by Esmeralda. Not the one from Paris, the original one from the Penny Arcade. The confusion is even Lampshaded with the Penny Arcade Esmeralda wondering who this "other" Esmeralda is.
  • The trip aboard the Submarine Voyage ride, specifically after things reified: "Through a certain amount of trial and error, Mickey and Donald found the controls for the interior lights (a major improvement over the red bulbs), the klaxons, the exterior spotlights, and, in one memorable instance, the torpedoes."