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Nightmare Fuel / Cursed Blood

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In General

  • Even though the discrimination he faces is unjustified it's not hard to see why people are so afraid of Izuku. A Quirk that makes the user nearly unkillable, allows for control of people, resurrects the recently dead as zombies under his control and some form of advanced strength means that it's quite clear that Izuku has the potential to be a terrifying big bad.
  • The discrimination Izuku has suffered through and discrimination in general.

Chapter by Chapter

  • Chapter 1: Izuku fails to save Tae from being killed. His attempts to heal her with his Quirk turns her into a zombie. Even worse, she gets aggressive if anything even remotely threatening happens to Izuku.
  • Chapter 2: Bakugo pushes Tae out of a window and gets away with barely a slap on the wrist.
  • Chapter 3: Izuku gets punched into the air by the Zero-Pointer. Ochako tries to save him as in canon, but the sudden stop from her slap snaps his neck. Even worse for Ochako, as she honestly thinks that she killed him until he gets up.
  • Chapter 5: Bakugo goes berserk during the fight with Izuku. After he loses, he launches a massive explosion that injures Iida and Izuku and nearly kills Tsuyu. Izuku loses an arm, gets impaled by rebar, and gets glass in his eye.
  • Chapter 8: Tae goes berserk when Aizawa uses his Quirk on her, breaking his arm and a rib.
  • Chapter 9: Lily's new backstory is Adult Fear personified. Lily's stepmother kidnapped her and brought her to a party of pedophiles who raped her to death. When Izuku resurrects her, she starts begging for her dad and is terrified the Izuku and the other people in the room want to assault her too.
  • Chapter 10: Aizawa is horrified to realize he had met Lily before and completely missed her attempts to ask for help.
    • Class 1-A misinterprets Lily's presence, accusing Izuku of enslaving a little girl.
  • Chapter 12: While surrounded by villains, Mineta suggests that Momo should let the villains rape her to save his own skin.
  • Chapter 13: Izuku manages to kill the USJ Nomu by ripping out its brain bare-handed. But in doing so, the Nomu manages to crush most of his bones and organs.
  • Chapter 18: Ms. Joke has to talk down Aizawa from killing a group of pedophiles connected to Lily's death.
  • Chapter 19: Izuku and Naomosa are nearly killed by Trinity the Raven, who was seemingly restrained.
  • Chapter 20: Konno's backstory is revealed. She was an up and coming Idol who was poisoned with Trigger by a rival. She was turned from a normal looking human into a half human/half spider. She lost her career, her family, went catatonic, and woke up in an asylum.
    • Inko nearly dies from a heart attack after seeing Izuku get shot on live TV. Izuku is only able to save her after making contact with Cursed Blood, which acts like a cross between a demon and a Persona.
    • Various factions react to Cursed Blood. All For One wants it for himself, Endeavor plans to force Izuku to conceive with his daughter, and Overhaul ramps up the experiments on Eri out of disgust at the "Quirk Disease" evolving.
  • Chapter 21: Magne infiltrates Ichigo's cell and gives her "The Reason You Suck" Speech before beating her to death for harming her Idol, Lily.
    • Shiozaki demands Izuku lay the Zombies to rest while Monoma tries to steal his Quirk and do the job himself.
    • The QRA attempt to kidnap the zombies, legally and then physically when it's pointed out they have no legal authority to do so.
  • Chapter 22: Nezu and Vlad King decide to demonstrate how terrifying the USJ was by having Izuku and the Zombies stage a villain attack. 1-B is picked off one by one as Izuku shows exactly how horrifying his Quirk and skills can be.
  • Chapter 24: Mineta attempts to lure an escort into several love hotels and alleys before losing his patience, restraining her with his Quirk, and attempting to rape her then and there. Even after being stopped by Naomasa, he still tries to claim that he was in the right because he paid for her and she was "just a prostitute."
    • We get to see Quirkism in action as every participant in the Sports Festival with a villainous or Mutant Quirk gets nerfed while Emitters are given advantages.
  • Chapter 25: Todoroki attacks Izuku's team during the race and his thoughts show he's beginning to think like Endeavor.
  • Chapter 26: Todoroki further slides into an an obsession with beating Izuku.
    • The League of Villains learn that Tsuyu is Midoriya's girlfriend and begin shifting their plans accordingly.
  • Chapter 27: Quirkism rears its head again as fan favorites with Emitter Quirks are given easy matches against Mutants and Villain Quirks. Even Present Mic isn't immune as he insults Hitoshi's appearance and openly calls Izuku a monster.
  • Chapter 28: Recovery Girl and Taeko start experimenting on a sample of Cursed Blood. It eventually gets fed up, attacks them with undead rats, and then self-terminates to keep them from continuing the experiment.
  • Chapter 29: Todoroki is unfocused during his fight with Kyoka and freezes her into a solid glacier. Only Fumikage, Izuku, and Tae's quick thinking save her from suffocating. And even then, it took Izuku giving her blood to save her from losing an arm or her fingers.
  • Chapter 29.5: Aizawa has a flashback to when he and Ms. Joke fought a pair of villains. He nearly died and Joke was so badly damaged that she can no longer give birth. He tracked down the villains and only narrowly was prevented from killing them.
  • Chapter 30: Endeavor attempts to "convince" Izuku to marry Fuyumi, and when he shoots that down and then Endeavor's demand for his semen, Endeavor is clearly willing to pummel Izuku and kill the girls and a QRA agent for the sake of his ambition. Only Saki's intervention with an extinguisher and All Might's arrival prevent it from going worse.
    • Mina deciding to set her arm back after it got dislocated during her fight. It gets so painful that, after she stands up, she ends up knocking herself out from the pain.
    • Shiozaki is so enraged that she attempts to kill Saki during their fight. Izuku calls on Cursed Blood, gaining red eyes and an aura of death. Every one of her holy water-soaked vines withers on contact with Izuku. Before being knocked out, she even begins to think of Izuku as a literal angel of death.
  • Chapter 31: Tokoyami is still so furious over what happened to Kyoka that he can barely control himself during his fight with Momo, to the point that several of his attacks could have heavily hurt or even killed her. It isn't until he pins her and is ready to clearly hit her that he comes back to his senses, punching the ground instead. He promptly forfeits the match and begs for forgiveness, because he knows how close he was to hurting Momo, which he would really regret.
  • Chapter 33: Todoroki accidentally impales Izuku through the chest with a large icicle.


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