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Nightmare Fuel / Kim Possible: Axess Hero

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Remember all of those terrifying experiences from MegaMan NT Warrior? Enjoy this partially Dark Fic that has even more of that.

  • Shego becoming Dark Shego with the use of a Dark Chip. Though it was just written out, the detailing of it was quite horrifying.
  • DNAmy torturing Bonnie into a forced CrossFusion. She takes it Up to Eleven in evil, going as far as becoming a Laughing Mad and Axe-Crazy villain.
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  • The first time Miracle is in Kim's body. She mercilessly beats down Dark Shego to the point that she cries, and it's not until Kim gets her to stop before tearing off Dark Shego's arm.
  • Bass's entire Establishing Character Moment. He electrocutes Monique, seems to be completely Made of Iron, drops a Neon Sign on top of Ron, and survived getting hanged! To top that all off, he brings the first crushing and terrifying defeat to the NetSaviors.
    • Note that the remains from the battle were a crater. When we see Kim ejecting from CrossFusion, it appears that Bass might have stabbed her.
    • Earlier on, he made a sudden appearance to give a vision to Kim, Ron and Monique about what he would do to them. He even manages to get a Jump Scare out of Dark Shego, and brings even more visions to everyone else.
    • Kim thinks that lying is harmless, right? Wait until she receives a vision that causes her to wreck her room like a war zone, nearly Delete Miracle, and be the first to gain a power meant for Misaki, the one person who was desperate to do CrossFusion.
  • We finally see some of Ron's anger. He punches Bonnie, burns down trees, and when Gill admits that he didn't need his Navi, he goes to set everything on fire.
  • There's something about Wally's revelation that he was with the Dark Knights that's very unsettling. He even goes as far as trying to eliminate Amelia for finding out about his true intentions.
    • The implication that Bass killed Brick's mentor earlier on.
  • Junior's true intentions for the Mind Control: making Kim and Ron kill each other. There is not even one spot of trying to get free. Kim and Ron become totally obedient.
  • Kim unleashing her Omega Powers against VideoMan. No matter how much he tries to destroy her, nothing works. Everything that hits her literally shatters. It only takes a glare from her to Delete him. Imagine what it would have been like if she did that with anyone else.
  • All of Monique's story on how she became a NetSavior. She went to the Death Seeker infested city, is subjected to Mind Rape by a Darkloid, and goes Dark ProtoMan against everyone in her way. It was so bad that she wanted that whole event crossed off and live a normal life. Can't believe she didn't think of what would happen next in her life.
  • BubbleMan surprisingly has gained a darker character development since the last time we saw him. He mind-controlled every Student and Teacher, and once they were free, their experience never left them.
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  • Bass nearly killing Kim for her TetraCode, complete with some blood drops from her.

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