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Nightmare Fuel / Zero 2: A Revision

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  • Darkheart, Davis corrupted self in general once he obtains his own free will. He destroys Primary Village, absorbs the Digidestined with them unable to do anything but run away from him stopping them from repelling the Real World invasion, beats up Davis Motomiya whenever he attemps to make a single movement, and he never loses his snarking mocking tone all because he can do it. As Kari once stated, Darkheart comes to closest to defeating the Digidestined out of all the villains.
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  • Darkheart beating up Davis until near death whenever he so much make a move against him. Even though the damages are not real, the pain can be completely felt by him. Thank god the fan fiction never shows the after-effects of all those torture on Davis, otherwise, he would have become completely broken.
  • Belialmyotismon trapping the Digidestined in their own nightmares. Highlights include:
    • Tai's nightmare: Kari dies and he gets blamed for it. His mom straight up murders him.
    • Sora's nightmare: She's standing alone in the rain while her friends and family have a party in their house. She repeatedly pounds on the window begging for them not to leave her alone.
    • TK's nightmare: Angemon is killed by Devimon again.
    • Kari's nightmare: Dagomon is back and has succeeded in capturing her, imprisoning her in darkness forever.
    • Ken's nightmare: He's become the Digimon Emperor again and has enslaved Yolei, Sam and Wormmon.
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    • Cody's nightmare: Possibly the worst of them, a symbolism heavy nightmare where he's forced to climb a mountain (symbolizing life), whilst carrying a boulder (symbolizing his maturity and responsibilities) and the corpses of his father and grandfather (symbolizing the promises he made to them). Everytime he drops the boulder he has to climb all the way back down and start carrying it again. And he drops it a lot...
    • Davis' nightmare: Darkheart has taken over, made Kari his slave, Tai his general and Mimi his cook and had murdered everyone who resisted him and turned their bones into a throne. Davis tries to attack him...and is immediately incinerated.

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