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Nightmare Fuel / Twilight Then, Twilight Now Universe

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Spoilers Off applies to all Nightmare Fuel pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • This excerpt, also counts as a Tear Jerker, shows what happened during Ponyville's destruction in the Grogar Wars. Very nightmare inducing if you keep thinking of it and the Ponyville we all knew and loved.
  • Princess Theodora's rule. It was very harsh for non-Zorypontans (a post-Celestia era monotheistic pony religion).
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  • The Grogar Wars. Word of God said that 60% of Equestria's population died during the War. What is left are warlike, cynical and hostile ponies in the Ponyland Confederacy.
  • The first attack on Tambelon in Twilight Then, Twilight Now started a domino effect that leads to the end of Equestria's Golden Era. It also broke our mane casts' innocent view of the surrounding world by being in the front line.
  • Do you know what happens to ponies not born as earth ponies in Coltonville in The Royal Respite? That's right, they remove their wings or horns after being born.
    • They also did it to the Equestrian diplomats' daughter without them knowing since she was born there.
  • Gipsy's anti-trespassers illusions can be very scary to unsuspecting visitors.
  • The horrible working conditions in the Jewel Wizard's gem mines were thus:
    • The slaves were all blinded by long exposure to darkness.
    • Foals worked too.
    • The slaves worked non-stop until the fell from exhaustion.
    • Those too exhausted to work were ripped apart, gutted and eaten by their goblin guards.
  • The chapter 'Goodbye Equestria. Hello Ponyland' in Applejack Through the Ages describes former Equestria after the two year long Grogar Wars as a vast wasteland full of decaying deceased ponies and ruined cities and villages full of roofless buildings. It also describes the land filled with tired and starving refugees.