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Nightmare Fuel / Mario and Sonic: Heroes Unite!

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Spoilers Off applies to all Nightmare Fuel pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • Any chapter that involves the shadow figure should count.
    • He can cast dark magic and uses it differently.
    • He can create a huge, dark portal and suck them in his destination.
    • He kidnapped and torture Luigi and then turn him into his robot slave.
    • He also transformed Donkey Kong into his evil giant version of himself.
    • He can create a giant dark ball and destroy everything in its path.
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    • It turns out that the shadow figure turns out to be Metal Sonic, who plans to be powerful by entering in the Negative Dimension. To do that, he needs to give the 7 Chaos Emeralds to 7 Star Children. After having the long time to do that, it works. But he soon meets his demise by the hands of Malevo.
  • Any chapter that involves the Boos and King Boo himself.
  • In Chapter 28, the gang and the Koopa Pirates got suck up by the raging whirlpool and pushes them down to the underwater trench below.
  • In Chapter 14, The gang are trying to find a Power Star at the Toxic Forest but Yoshi made the Wiggler upset for eating its meal and chases after him and the gang. This isn't much as a problem but the Wiggler soon fell in the toxic river as the gang got away safely.
    Tails: Whoa! What happened to it?
    Luigi: You don't want to know.
    • Luckily for the gang, the Dorrie appears and they hopped on it to reach land again.
    Sonic: Good thing that Dorrie was there. Otherwise...
    Luigi: Let's not talk about it right now.

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